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If you're managing data migrations for clients, watch the video to see how CloverDX can help you automate the process - reducing repetitive manual work and freeing up time.

faster, automated data migrations with CloverDX

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With the CloverDX Data Integration Platform you can build data migration frameworks to automate the repetitive parts of a migration, so you don’t have to build the process from scratch for every new client. Instead, you can just reconfigure the unique, client-specific variables.

Working with repeatable templates means you can:

  • Reduce manual work and deploy fewer people on a project
  • Free up expensive technical resource and enable less-technical users to do more of the work
  • Get more predictable timescales and pricing for clients

Free up technical resource

Data migrations can tie up too many expensive technical people for too long. But with a templated approach built in CloverDX, less-technical people can manage data mapping - without needing to get involved in the technical part.

Business users or domain experts can use something like Excel to deliver or refine configuration, which can then be used to drive the main automated data workflow.

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See how to speed up the migration process with CloverDX by building iterative, repeatable frameworks that can save time, reduce manual effort, and enable less-technical users to be more involved in the process. 

Automate data validation

Automatic validation of all input data generates comprehensive error reports that can be shared with the client in an easy-to-understand format, ensuring data is fixed quickly and only 'good' data is loaded into the target system.

  • Customize validation rules based on client specification
  • Validation steps are automated and included in every run of the process
  • Each run generates full reports and logs, so you (and your client) can see what went wrong and why

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Improve communication with clients

Easy-to-understand error reports are generated at every stage, and can be easily shared back to the client for them to fix the data - making the feedback loop faster and data quality higher. 

And CloverDX's visual interface shows the entire end-to-end migration process in a way that's easier for less-technical people to understand, giving greater transparency and building trust. 

Deploy where you need, scale as required

CloverDX gives you flexible deployment and licensing options to suit your needs.

Deploy anywhere: On-premise or in cloud, deploy CloverDX wherever you need, making it easy to meet client security requirements.

Low upfront commitment: No need to commit upfront to an expensive tool that you can only justify using on the largest projects. With CloverDX you can start small and easily add more licences and capacity as you need it.


Data migration case study

Workday screenshot
Reducing data migration time from months to days

A consultancy importing legacy data into Workday for dozens of clients needed a way to speed up the process and eliminate manual effort. 

They are now using a data migration framework built in CloverDX for their client projects - so they don't have to build custom workflows from scratch every time, but consultants need only to configure inputs and project specific variables.

Automated data validation checks are built into the process, providing quick, easy-to-understand error descriptions that can be shared back to the client to enable faster fixes. Once the data is corrected, the entire process can be re-run at the click of a button.

The automated migration framework can be used for any system where consultancies are undertaking repeated data migrations from client source systems.

Salesforce client onboarding

CloverDX helped a wealth management firm onboard new clients faster. They used Salesforce and links to other firms to get a 360-degree view of their clients. But their script-based approach was hard to scale, hard to maintain and error-prone. CloverDX reduced the number of errors and exceptions and automated the onboarding process. Now the firm can onboard new clients in minutes. CloverDX also lets them roll out new data feeds to Salesforce, supporting innovation. Read more

Data processing for large scale audit

A large accountancy firm’s client platform hosts insights on financial and business operations. CloverDX underpins the system by ingesting huge quantities of data from different sources.

Large scale data migration to AWS

A consultancy used CloverDX to migrate more than one petabyte of sensitive government data from on-premise systems to AWS. The source data continued to grow during the migration. So the solution had to scale and run continuously.

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