Enable non-technical users to transform data on their own


CloverDX Wrangler is an intuitive visual interface for business users, so they can set up their own data processes without needing a data engineer.

Fully integrated into your CloverDX data workflows, but with none of the complexity.


An intuitive interface for non-technical users

CloverDX Wrangler is an easy-to-use interface that allows non-technical users to create, edit and run repeatable data transformation ‘recipes’, without needing to code, and without any of the complexity of other parts of CloverDX.

And because it’s part of the overall CloverDX Data Integration Platform, it means better collaboration between your technical and business teams.

With Wrangler, business users can:

  • Transform data without waiting for IT intervention
  • Save time on repeated manual data tasks  – define steps once and re-run on new data at the click of a button
  • Explore and access curated, reliable data - securely and on-demand

Build no-code transformations once, repeat at the click of a button

Wrangler makes it easy for non-technical users to build and run data ‘recipes’ made up of steps such as calculations, transformations, reformatting and cleansing. No data coding required, but Wrangler supports powerful Excel-like formulas to massage data.

And when users need to do all the same steps on fresh data next month (or next week, or tomorrow…), it's as quick and easy as clicking a button to re-run the whole recipe.


Free up engineering time

Empower business users and reduce the burden on technical teams.

With Wrangler, non-technical users no longer have to wait for IT to prepare datasets, and no longer need developers to write data transformation code for them.

So business users can get the data they need faster, and can do more of the work, so technical teams are freed up for other tasks.

Creating a formula in Wrangler

Wrangler feature highlights

Visual data mapping in CloverDX Wrangler
Visual data mapping

Define the data layout needed for a specific target, so business users can easily map data accurately in a simple, drag-and-drop way. Immediate validation flags up any problems, and auto-mapping speeds up the process by suggesting likely mappings.

Data validation in CloverDX Wrangler
Data validation

Keep data quality high by validating data with built-in or custom rules. Easy-to-understand error messages enable users to fix problems, and any rejected rows can be written to a reject file so you can see exactly which records failed and why.

Step manipulation in Wrangler

See exactly what's happening to your data at each step. Wrangler never modifies your source data, so it's easy to go back and change, remove, disable or insert steps and re-run them.  And just click on any step to see what the data will look like at that point.

Give business users access to trusted data

Wrangler is tightly integrated with the Data Catalog, allowing users to explore and work with the data they need, without creating extra work for technical teams.

Data sources in the Catalog are curated by IT, so data is standardized and reliable across your organization, and available live and on-demand for business users to work with whenever they need.


Watch a demo of CloverDX Wrangler

See how non-technical users can transform data on their own - creating, edit and running repeatable data transformation ‘recipes’, without needing to code.

See more on how users can access curated, reliable data on the dedicated Data Catalog page.

Easy to install and manage (for you and your business users)

Because Wrangler is an integral part of the CloverDX platform, it doesn’t need any separate installation.

CloverDX can be deployed wherever you need - in cloud or on premise - for complete flexibility. And because Wrangler is tightly integrated with CloverDX Server, you get the same centralized, enterprise-level management as you do with Server.

For users, Wrangler is a simple web interface, there’s zero installation or configuration required.

Watch: Accelerate repeated migrations as part of system deployments

See how to speed up the migration process by building iterative, repeatable frameworks that can save time, reduce manual effort, and enable less-technical users to be more involved in the process. 

Example use cases

How Wrangler can help make data collaboration between business and IT teams easier

wrangler - mapping
Self-service data ingestion into a target

When it comes to ingesting data to a system such as a CRM, data warehouse or API, it's generally not a good idea to let just anyone write data there - it can be a quick way to very messy data. 

But Wrangler allows business users to safely map and write data themselves - within guardrails defined by the IT team.

Technical users create a data target connector and upload to the Data Catalog, defining the required columns and data types for a specific target.

Business users can access the data target connector via Wrangler's easy-to-use interface, prepare the data, map it onto the required target structure using a simple visual interface, and write directly to the target - safe in the knowledge their data is in the right format.

wrangler - using mapping in designer job
Let non-technical users define core business logic

The domain experts are the ones that truly understand the data. But they're often not technical enough to build business logic directly into data pipelines.

But with CloverDX, the domain experts and the technical teams can work together - both using interfaces where they're comfortable - to combine their respective expertise.

Business users (domain experts) implement data mappings in Wrangler using a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

Technical users can then take that mapping and use it directly as a component in their larger end-to-end data pipeline in CloverDX Designer.

Salesforce client onboarding

CloverDX helped a wealth management firm onboard new clients faster. They used Salesforce and links to other firms to get a 360-degree view of their clients. But their script-based approach was hard to scale, hard to maintain and error-prone. CloverDX reduced the number of errors and exceptions and automated the onboarding process. Now the firm can onboard new clients in minutes. CloverDX also lets them roll out new data feeds to Salesforce, supporting innovation. Read more

Data processing for large scale audit

A large accountancy firm’s client platform hosts insights on financial and business operations. CloverDX underpins the system by ingesting huge quantities of data from different sources.

Large scale data migration to AWS

A consultancy used CloverDX to migrate more than one petabyte of sensitive government data from on-premise systems to AWS. The source data continued to grow during the migration. So the solution had to scale and run continuously.

Frequently asked questions

Wrangler is available as an add-on to your CloverDX plan, and is priced per seat. Costs for seats vary depending on your plan level. You can see more details on CloverDX licensing and pricing here. 

We always want to be flexible, so if you're interested in Wrangler, get in touch to discuss your use case.

If you can use Excel, you can use Wrangler. The interface will be very familiar to anyone used to using spreadsheets, and while some of the functionality is different, a lot of the concepts are similar. 

For more-technical business users (e.g. people used to writing SQL queries), Wrangler gives you powerful formula functionality to manipulate and analyze data. 

There certainly is - you can see the documentation for Wrangler here.

How Wrangler brings the power of CloverDX to business users

See how Wrangler and Data Catalog fit within CloverDX, and help IT and business teams to work together. 

From enabling non-technical users to explore and access data, to providing a visual interface for users to save time on self-service repeated data manipulations, without needing help from developers, CloverDX delivers data for everyone.

Request a CloverDX demo

If you want to find out more about how Wrangler can help you enable non-technical users to transform data on their own,  just fill in the form and we'll give you a call back to chat through your use case and arrange a good time for a personalized demo.