Onboard your clients fast - avoid delays with getting new data into your financial platform. Create repeatable processes to ingest data fast and get your clients up and running quickly.

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Automate data ingestion

Get your data from wherever, to wherever, and in whatever format your customers need.

FinTech platforms, banks and payment providers all have strict data format requirements. With CloverDX's flexibility, you can connect to any data source and transform data easily from one format to another.

Make data validation easier

FinTech companies often struggle to stay on top of complex validation rules. CloverDX connects to any source and applies validation rules automatically, ensuring that you comply with SLAs.

For example, one CloverDX customer uses Data Services functionality with a Stripe payment webhook. This confirms, responds and verifies transactions within five seconds.


Simple integration with other technologies

Work with any technology you need for different functions. CloverDX’s Java-based approach makes it simple to extend capabilities through coding wherever you need.

It works with open source technologies, such as Kafka, to queue and process requests, as well as bring different pieces together.

Design, automate, operate and publish data at scale
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Real-time and event-driven processing

Connect however you need with CloverDX and its Data Services.

Create workflows and expose them as API endpoints to provide or consume data. CloverDX is scalable and can handle large volumes of transaction data in near real-time.