API Integration Focused On Data

Publish (Data + Transformation) as API. Transform data on-demand. Data Services brings "interactive mode" to your data pipelines. Applications can now talk to CloverDX data transformations directly, exchanging data via APIs.

CloverDX Data Services

Data Services gives you the ability to publish data through the lens of a transformation that filters, restructures, augments or otherwise curates the data on-demand.


  • Replace data transfer paths (like file-over-FTP) with direct app-to-app connections.
  • Facilitate controlled, secured and managed access to data.
    (Shielding applications from the data origins, e.g. creating data APIs around legacy applications).
  • Fulfill applications’ needs for on-demand access to the freshest data possible
  • Combine data sets on-the-fly without storing intermediate results.

Watch the video:

How to publish data and transformations over API with CloverDX Data Services

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