CloverDX on AWS

Modern data integration infrastructure needs to combine on‑premise resources with a growing share of services, storage and processing happening in the cloud. CloverDX helps you seamlessly transition your workloads to cloud in various deployment scenarios or orchestrate data delivery among mixed technology stacks. CloverDX performs in a cloud infrastructure just as well as on‑premise.

CloverDX on AWS

Integration with the AWS ecosystem

When you fully build on the idea of cloud infrastructure model, you’re going to need smooth integration between applications and the native services provided by AWS. Here are a few well tested with CloverDX:

CloverDX & AWS Redshift or Snowflake

Natively load data into cloud data warehouse

CloverDX & AWS Secrets

Collaborate on projects without compromise

CloverDX & AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Orchestrate pipelines via queues

CloverDX & AWS Aurora

Natively query Amazon’s relational database

CloverDX & AWS S3

Optimized read and write to S3

CloverDX & Amazon API Gateway

Publish APIs at scale

On AWS you can

Deploy CloverDX to an EC2 instance

Deploy CloverDX as a container on AWS Fargate (Docker)

Make CloverDX a part of Kubernetes orchestration (Amazon EKS)

Scale CloverDX instances up and down with ease

Integrate CloverDX with numerous AWS services


See how CloverDX helps you get your data to AWS efficiently and effectively

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Questions about CloverDX on AWS?

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How customers are using CloverDX deployed in AWS

Building a data platform for a 360 degree patient view
Leading clinical data platform aggregates data from electronic health records for use in clinical and analytic applications. The solution built on CloverDX manages their data ingest and mapping process automatically. Incoming data is uploaded to an S3 bucket, utilizing Amazon SQS to manage approximately 5000 messages per minute. The data is then read and mapped from HL7 to JSON, and then loaded via API to the company’s CloverDX-based platform.  

Onboarding clients to SaaS platform
This cloud-based file management system needed a flexible, repeatable framework to onboard customers quickly. They deployed CloverDX in AWS to handle their S3-based client onboarding process.

Cloud-based scalability
A leading adtech firm were struggling to scale their Python-based workflows to keep up with a growing volume of data. Moving to an AWS-deployed CloverDX solution not only enabled them to exceed their previous processing times, but will also make sure they can scale in the future. Their cloud-based CloverDX instance also means they can integrate seamlessly with the separate ECS instances that they need to ensure client segregation and security. 

What Our Customers Say

“We couldn't be happier with the speed with which we could now deploy for our customers.”

CTO, Clinical Data Platform