Orchestrating Data Workloads on Azure

If you deal with large volumes of data and need to orchestrate multi-step processes within a mixed technology stack, CloverDX is for you. The data management platform covers the design, orchestration, and operation processes of complex data pipelines at enterprise scale.

CloverDX on Azure

Going DevOps with CloverDX and Azure

CloverDX’s high performance, flexibility, and ease of configuration makes it perfect for DevOps and agile teams.

Managing CloverDX runtime infrastructure using Azure DevOps allows you to define ARM templates and then easily spin CloverDX instances up and down with Azure Pipelines. Parameters in the template let you control the type, size and use of the instance.

CloverDX in Cloud

CloverDX Server component supports a wide range of deployment modes.

Customers run CloverDX in the cloud, either on reserved VM instances for continuous operation, via Container Services orchestration, or as micro-services via Container Instances.

CloverDX also presents a great option for connecting on-premise and cloud workloads.


See how CloverDX helps get your data to Azure

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Questions About CloverDX on Azure?

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How customers are using CloverDX deployed in Azure

Automated payment clearing

A leading bank uses CloverDX running on Azure for automated processing of ACH (Automated Clearing House) files from their FinTech partners. They also use Azure Storage and an Azure SQL Database as part of their scalable solution.

Building a flexible data warehouse infrastructure

An insurance company deployed CloverDX automatically in their Azure infrastructure. This was a key part of upgrading their data warehouse from a script-based solution to a more automated approach. They now benefit from end-to-end execution monitoring and auto-validation.

What Our Customers Say

"What CloverDX does is it gives us the tools to do it a lot more easily and in a lot more standardized way.”

DevOps Engineer, Healthcare Company