‘Dockerize’ your CloverDX Server

Need to reduce the time it takes to configure a production server? Take a modern approach to software deployment and deploy your CloverDX Server as a containerized service.

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without configuration


Easily Create Modern Data Architecture

Starting with CloverDX 5.3, you can now easily deploy your CloverDX Server as a Docker container. Deploy a containerized Server and just mount additional volumes without the need for lengthy configuration. Just focus on your code and run your data jobs wherever Docker lives.


Production-ready Containers for Serious Workloads

Save yourself the bother of configuring low-level operating system settings. Build your own Docker image based on our dockerfile with all the settings you need to run production-grade CloverDX Server in minutes.

Spin up the Server, run as many data jobs as you need, and deprovision again afterwards. Simple.


Run a Testing CloverDX Server in Minutes

Do you only need the Server for testing or evaluation (for example when testing a new release)?

Then you can easily run the container without any external database. The set-up takes just a few minutes.

Speed up your server deployment 

This integration requires: 
  • A CloverDX Server license

  • Docker host

  • A database (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, …) if you want to run CloverDX Server in production

  • CloverDX Dockerfile

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Ready to spin
up your server?

Access the Dockerfile now and reduce the time it takes to deploy your CloverDX server.

Get the file
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