Onboard customer data faster and deliver value sooner

Dramatically shorten the time from getting your customer signed to delivering value - with faster, more reliable data ingestion

Deliver reliable data

Speed up and scale up your customer data onboarding by automating the process with the CloverDX Data Integration Platform.

By building transparent, automated data pipelines you can ingest customer data more quickly, without needing to rely on a development team.

The faster customers can start using your platform, the faster they can realize value, and you can recognize revenue.

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Don't let the engineering team to be a bottleneck to onboarding

Free up the engineering team's time and streamline the onboarding process.

By building a single data ingestion pipeline that can account for variations in input automatically, there's no need for highly technical teams to start from scratch for each new customer. 

And with a visual, transparent pipeline, and configuration rules that can be driven by an Excel file, it's easier for less-technical teams to manage and operate the data onboarding process.

"We cut the time it took them to do those conversions by maybe a fourth or a third. When you’re talking about 5 days to convert a customer, and this automation takes a day off, that’s a pretty big chunk from my perspective."

- Bryan Kahlig, Senior Director, Product Development at Zywave

Don't burden your customers with data prep

Don't make your customers spend significant time and money trying to format their data to fit your requirements.

Instead you can take and work with their data as-is, no matter what sources and formats they have - a great addition to your value proposition.

“When I go in and I speak to a prospective customer, I don't ever worry about data. I did before. The question was always ’Where's your data? What does it look like? What format is it? How much are we talking?’ ….What CloverDX really allowed us to do is go in and say it doesn't matter how you're giving us this stuff, we're just going to stitch it all together.”
- Russ Ronchi, Formula 3 Group/Milo Retail

Webinar: Data ingest for faster onboarding

When your business is built on ingesting data from many customers, in many different formats, how do you scale up the volume of data and clients you can support – without adding headcount? See how you can automate data ingestion and reduce developer spend. 

Gain trust pre-sale.
Deliver on your promise post-sale.

Don't let your customers be the ones to point out problems with their data. 

Being able to present accurate data to customers from the start helps you show you can deliver, increases trust in your product, and builds a solid foundation for your future relationship.

A quick onboarding process once the contract is signed means your customers start seeing value fast, and gives them confidence in your product and process.

CloverDX helps you deliver customer migrations quickly and with confidence, and manage reliable ongoing integrations between client data sources and your platform. 


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Scale as you grow - without extra headcount

CloverDX can handle large amounts of data and scale easily.

So you can get as much data, and as many customers, onboarded to your platform as you need.

CloverDX also doesn’t charge by data volume, so you won’t be penalized for success.

Request a demo and see how CloverDX can help you onboard more customers and grow your business.

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Create data ingestion pipelines that let you sleep well

Ensure accurate
data automatically

Handle bad data automatically by building validation into your workflows.

Automatic error reporting and handling processes flag any problematic records, so you know the data that makes it into your platform is accurate.

Give customers data they can trust

Getting client data into your platform is just the start.

If you want to keep data flowing on an ongoing basis, CloverDX enables you to set up continuous data feeds so your customers always have accurate, reliable information at their fingertips.

How to build an end-to-end automated data onboarding pipeline in CloverDX

Watch a step-by-step walkthrough of how a data onboarding pipeline in CloverDX works, and how it can handle your data onboarding on autopilot, no matter how many different clients you're getting data from.

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Webinar: Data ingest for faster onboarding

When your business is built on ingesting data from many customers, in many different formats, how do you scale up the volume of data and clients you can support – without adding headcount? See how you can automate data ingestion and reduce developer spend. 

Data ingestion case studies

zywave office

How Zywave freed up engineer time by up to a third with data automation

For insurance agency software provider Zywave, customer data onboarding was a time-consuming headache. 

Bespoke, hand-coded processes had a lot of technical debt and were difficult to maintain, taking up a lot of engineer time.

Automating the data process with CloverDX means that instead of manual steps, engineers can now push a button and trust the process is going to work, freeing up significant time.

Customer onboarding time has reduced by at least 20%, and the previous bottleneck in the process has been removed.

“The onboarding process is our first chance at making a good impression with our customers after the dollars are already spent. And CloverDX gives us a tool to be able to move faster.”
 - Bryan Kahlig, Senior Director, Product Development at Zywave

HireRoad background

How HireRoad were able to triple their customer base, without needing to add resource

HR SaaS software HR Insights, part of HireRoad's cloud-based talent management platform, needed to speed up their customer data onboarding to handle more clients, and to provide more up-to-date data.

The previous process was ad-hoc and time consuming. But with CloverDX now handling the automated data workflows, that previous manual work is now removed.

Anywhere between 45 and 60 minutes of manual effort, per client, per day, is now down to zero manual work required, as the jobs are just scheduled and run automatically.

"We were easily able to triple our customer base without a need to add resources." 
 - Andrew Peralta, Director of Platform and Development at HireRoad


See how CloverDX can improve your customer data onboarding processes