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Solve 100% of your data ingest, not just the easy 80%

A lot of data ingest platforms promise to make your data ingest easy. But they can only handle if it your needs really are easy.

Anyone can handle the easy 80% of the problem.

With CloverDX, you’ve got the power of the full CloverDX Data Integration Platform behind you to handle the harder 20% too.

So if you’re dealing with an unusual data source, or need more complex mapping rules, you can ingest client data faster with CloverDX.


No extra work, for you or your clients

Connect to any data source (on-premise or cloud) and accept incoming data in any format.

Transform data to the format you need automatically, so that:

  • Your clients don’t need to spend time making their data conform to your standards
  • You don’t need expensive developers for every project
  • Your consultants don’t need to waste time massaging data
Russ Ronchi Formula 3 headshot
What CloverDX really allowed us to do is go in and say ‘It doesn’t matter how you’re giving us this stuff, we’re just going to stitch it all together.'
Russ Ronchi, Formula 3 Group

Ensure accurate data automatically

Handle bad data automatically by building validation into your workflows.

Automatic error reporting and handling processes alert you to any problematic records, so you know the data that makes it into your platform is accurate.

Keep data flowing smoothly 

Getting client data into your platform is just the start.

If you want to keep data flowing on an ongoing basis, CloverDX enables you to set up continuous data feeds.

Connect to anywhere and handle any data formats so your customers always have accurate, reliable information at their fingertips. 

Get new clients onboard fast

See how CloverDX can help your customers get up and running with your platform quickly, so you can start seeing revenue.

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Scale as you grow

CloverDX can handle large amounts of data and can scale easily.

So you can get as much data, and as many customers, onboarded to your platform as you need.

CloverDX also doesn’t charge by data volume, so you won’t be penalized for success.

See how CloverDX can improve your data ingest processes
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Case studies

Reducing Salesforce data loading time from hours to minutes

A leading wealth management firm needed to onboard clients to a Salesforce-based portal.

But their script-based approach was hard to scale, hard to maintain and was causing errors and timeouts in loading data.

The solution that they’ve built with CloverDX is able to adapt at runtime to account for a number of Salesforce exceptions and so limits the number of errors.

This has transformed the organization to allow them to quickly add any data feed to Salesforce and is no longer a barrier to onboarding new clients.

Read more: Reducing Salesforce Data Loading Time from 12 Hours To 41 Minutes

Building a data platform for a 360-degree patient view

Diameter Health's platform aggregates and normalizes clinical data, enabling organizations to use information from any certified EHR in other applications.

The platform has to ingest healthcare data from different providers and in different formats. Then it has to map it into other formats for use downstream.

Their CloverDX solution automates the whole process:

  • Customers upload data to an Amazon S3 bucket
  • Diameter uses a custom Excel file to define what to do with each customers data
  • CloverDX reads this file and maps the uploaded data, then calling the REST API in the Diameter platform.
  • CloverDX then archives the data and generates a final report, including details of any errors

The system is also scalable enough to handle the very large volumes of data Diameter Health deals with.

Want to see how CloverDX can do the same for your platform? Get in touch.

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