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How Formula 3 Group handle ingestion of client data with ease

Formula 3 Group (now Milo Retail) use CloverDX to ingest client data easily, and to provide a robust data foundation that enables them to be agile and responsive. 

Retail consultancy Formula 3 Group work with the likes of Nike, True Religion and Vans to enable omni-channel experiences by connecting disparate tools and systems together. In their words, they “get the calls when everyone else says it can’t be done”

Russ Ronchi - Formula 3 Group

Every client they deal with typically has more than one different type of data, and many integrations - whether that's custom integrations, custom web services or custom endpoints, as well as connecting with services such as Shopify.

One of the main challenges F3G faced came from having to connect legacy systems with newer e-commerce solutions, while dealing with multiple different client datasets. They were often working with enterprise-level volumes of data, and needed to be able to deal with it quickly, but the company didn't want the headache of building a large team to handle it.

"What CloverDX really allowed us to do is go in and say 'It doesn't matter how you're giving us this stuff, we're just going to stitch it all together'"

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Andrew Spear - Formula3 Group

Using CloverDX has enabled them to easily accept and ingest any type of client data - quickly and at scale. 

F3G's Russ Ronchi explained "When I go in and I speak to a prospective customer, I don't ever worry about data. I did before. The question was always ‘Where's your data? What does it look like? What format is it? How much are we talking?’ So what we were doing before was we were kind of going in with handcuffs. And what CloverDX really allowed us to do is go in and say ‘It doesn't matter how you're giving us this stuff, we're just going to stitch it all together.’"

"Being able to be fast and agile is really kind of the cornerstone of what makes us successful."


And that stable foundation built on CloverDX also allows them to be agile in response to customer requests. They can now scale and deploy solutions quickly, in a repeatable, maintainable way that doesn't require lots of development support.

The company can also grow their business and onboard clients more easily, without the need to increase headcount. 

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How CloverDX helped Formula 3 handle enterprise data while staying agile

  • Were able to get up and running with CloverDX very quickly, so they could start delivering ROI fast
  • Development and iteration is much faster
  • Complex integrations are now somewhere they can be efficiently maintained and developed
  • Data imports that used to take hours now processed in less than 5 minutes
  • Can expand and take on more business without having to worry about growing a team

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