Share data safely with anonymization rules


Centralize and share anonymization policies, and apply them quickly and easily to all levels of your data.


Make data easier to share

Whether for development or testing purposes, or simply needing to share data with a third party, it can be time-consuming and risky to anonymize data to make it possible to share.

With CloverDX you can quickly and easily apply basic anonymizations at different levels of your data:

  • Non-technical users can instantly anonymize specific columns in CloverDX Wrangler
  • Data engineers can configure shared anonymization rules that can be easily dropped into data pipelines
  • Data owners can define anonymization policies in Excel that can be applied automatically
  • Create an anonymized copy of an entire database at the click of a button

Quickly anonymize sensitive data

Apply field-level anonymization at the click of a button with CloverDX's Wrangler's built in mask, randomize and noise functions.

Add steps to Wranger recipes to anonymize columns by:

  • Adding noise to a date: Creates a new random date within a specified range
  • Add noise to number: Generates a new random value within a specified distance from the original
  • Mask text: Mask parts of private data such as names, phone numbers or credit card details

Eliminate human error when it comes to applying anonymization rules.

Centralize management of anonymization policies and make anonymization easier to apply.

Define your organizations anonymization policy (or policies), and make it available as a CloverDX component. Users can just drop the ‘Anonymize’ component into their data pipelines to ensure all data is subject to the same rules, and the resulting output is safe to share.

Easier compliance, with no extra effort.


Enable data owners to define anonymization rules, without needing to code

Your organization’s anonymization policies can be defined by non-technical data owners in Excel. CloverDX takes care of converting Excel definitions into executable rules that developers can apply just by dropping a component into a data pipeline.

Data owners get control over keeping their data safe, and can alleviate responsibility from developers.


Single click anonymization of an entire database

CloverDX has a pre-built solution for anonymization of SQL databases at the click of a button.

Point it to a database and an anonymization policy, and it will create an anonymized copy of the database, making it safe to share for testing or analytics.


Anonymize your data at any level

Anonymize your data at any level - column, record or database

Anonymization - Wrangler steps-2
Column level

Built in rules in Wrangler to easily anonymize fields. Add random noise to a date column or a number, or mask values in string columns.

Anonymization component
Record level

Data engineers can configure and share anonymization rules by wrapping Anonymization rules into a component in CloverDX Designer. Data sets can be anonymized simply by passing them through the component.

Anonymization - One click database anonymization-2
Database level

Apply an anonymization policy to an entire database with one click, making it simple to share data safely with third parties.

Watch a demo of data anonymization in CloverDX

See how CloverDX enables you to:

  • Anonymize a database at the click of a button
  • Share anonymization rules to be used in data pipelines
  • Make it easy for non-technical users to apply basic anonymization rules to their data

Salesforce client onboarding

CloverDX helped a wealth management firm onboard new clients faster. They used Salesforce and links to other firms to get a 360-degree view of their clients. But their script-based approach was hard to scale, hard to maintain and error-prone. CloverDX reduced the number of errors and exceptions and automated the onboarding process. Now the firm can onboard new clients in minutes. CloverDX also lets them roll out new data feeds to Salesforce, supporting innovation. Read more

Data processing for large scale audit

A large accountancy firm’s client platform hosts insights on financial and business operations. CloverDX underpins the system by ingesting huge quantities of data from different sources.

Large scale data migration to AWS

A consultancy used CloverDX to migrate more than one petabyte of sensitive government data from on-premise systems to AWS. The source data continued to grow during the migration. So the solution had to scale and run continuously.

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