CloverDX deployed on  Google Cloud

CloverDX is a data management platform best suited for IT professionals who operate in the complex world of modern infrastructure – cloud applications, “X as a Service” mixed with on-premise systems. CloverDX helps you seamlessly connect data workloads between cloud and on-premise in various deployment scenarios. With CloverDX you’re not tied to any particular ecosystem which allows you to orchestrate data delivery among mixed technology stacks at scale.


CloverDX on Google Cloud

Integration with
Google Cloud Ecosystem

When you fully build on the idea of cloud infrastructure model, you’re going to need smooth integration between applications and the native services provided by Google Cloud. 

CloverDX and Compute Engine

Deploy a production instance (SSL, external IP, Cloud SQL as internal DB)

CloverDX and Kubernetes Engine

Deploy and scale container images in a cluster (SSL, external IP, shared persistent filesystem)

CloverDX and Cloud Storage

Retrieve, write and list objects in Storage buckets

CloverDX and Cloud SQL

Using JDBC, access any available database engine – MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL

CloverDX and BigTable and BigQuery

CloverDX works well in both Big- database engines

CloverDX and Spanner

Access data in Google’s high availability SQL database

CloverDX and Sheets

Directly access and manipulate tabular data in Google Sheets

CloverDX and Drive

Efficiently retrieve and write files in Google Drive

CloverDX and Endpoints

Scale and secure published API Data Services easily with auto-generated Swagger/OpenAPI

Questions About CloverDX on Google Cloud?

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What Our Customers Say

“We couldn't be happier with the speed with which we could now deploy for our customers.”

CTO, Clinical Data Platform