About CloverDX

CloverDX has been working at the coalface of data challenges since 2007.

We’ve worked with companies large and small around the world, in industries such as financehealthcare and consulting, to help them build and manage better data pipelines and deliver better data outcomes.

How it began...

CloverDX began life as a small team of data consultants in the early 2000s. Existing data platforms at the time were expensive, and a domain of only the largest organizations. Yet we wanted a tool that we could use freely which would allow us to work faster and get more control. So we built our own, what would become a fast-growing data integration project called clover.ETL.

We shortly realized we had something that would be useful for others too, and 15 years later CloverDX has become a complete data integration platform for the most daunting data tasks. We’ve evolved a lot since then, but some things haven’t changed.

We’re still working on building the best possible data management platform, built on practical outcomes, tangible results and ongoing innovation.

And we’re still excited by working with clients to solve their most complex data problems and improve the way they work with their data.

Facing a data challenge?

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"...the people are by far the best part of the product."

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CloverDX is a leader in On-Premise Data Integration on G2
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Our philosophy

Automation first

We believe in automating everything - the entirety of your data workloads, including the exceptions and intricacies of real-life processes. But good automation doesn't just execute individual functions, it also contextualizes them within wider business processes. With CloverDX at the center of your architecture you can orchestrate entire processes - including external systems and tools - to deliver data faster.

Free up developer time to add more value to the business

We want to free developers from mundane, repetitive tasks. So alongside our focus on automation, CloverDX enables developers to build components or blocks of logic just once, then re-use and share. Even complex processes can be hidden in neat packages or accessed via user-friendly interfaces that can be managed by less-technical team members on their own, freeing up developer time. We also champion the idea of building repeatable templates for recurring jobs: automation and productivity.

Solve 100% of the problem

The tricky last 10% of any job is dealing with exceptions, outliers and errors. Unlike most other tools, CloverDX's open architecture and ability to combine code and visual design means that almost every part can be customized, versioned or parametrized, so you can solve that 10% as easily as the rest of the job. There's no "I can't do this" with CloverDX.

Collaboration between IT and business users done right

We believe in breaking down the barriers between IT and non-technical users. While our platform has traditionally provided solutions for the toughest data challenges for IT teams, we're also focused on making our technology accessible and enabling data for everyone. By bridging the gap between IT and data owners, we're tackling one of the most critical challenges in data - collaboration.

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Leadership team

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David Pavlis
CEO, Founder
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VP, Product
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Chief Operations Officer
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Alex Donnelly
VP, Global Sales


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