The most customizable, flexible data platform

Turn manual, complex data tasks into
scalable, automated, repeatable data processes

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Manage data processes of any complexity, in cloud or on-premise

Consolidate your team skills from siloed projects into a single data design and operations platform.

The CloverDX Designer and Server enable you to quickly build and deploy end-to-end data pipelines, creating transparent, scalable workflows that are easy to manage and maintain.

Say goodbye to cumbersome code and hello to readable, easy-to-understand data pipelines

Build scalable, repeatable data workflows in CloverDX Designer.

Designing and debugging is easy, thanks to a combination of CloverDX’s visual interface and the ability to customize code whenever you need.

  • Develop faster with pre-built components and a visual interface
  • Customize however you need – every part of CloverDX is open and editable so you can write code when you want
  • Debug easily with visual indications of where issues happen and the ability to drill into your data at any point in the flow
  • Collaborate better with shared components and a visual, easy-to-understand view of your workflow

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I was able to replace spreadsheets with CloverDX processes - processes which were then testable, repeatable and robust.

I can now run a single CloverDX graph to perform processing that used to take hours.

Paul Bartosik, Director of Information Systems, Health Research Incorporated

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Replace manual steps with the click of a button

Do more without increasing headcount by automating your whole end-to-end data process.

Build entire data processes to run on autopilot, whether scheduled or based on a trigger. This frees up your time to focus on important tasks and achieve more without increasing your headcount.

Replace unconnected scripts or manual steps with streamlined CloverDX workflows that include all the actions you need, from integrating events, message queues or APIs, to customizable error-handling.

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No more scattered, hard-to-maintain data stack

Operate all your processes from one centralized, easy-to-monitor location.

You can view job progress, as well as health and monitoring information. The visual interface highlights any errors, so you can easily and immediately pinpoint what went wrong in any of your steps.

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Get your data where it needs to be

Deliver data on schedule or on-demand, in whatever format your applications, storage systems or users need.

Connect to virtually anything with fully-customizable connectors and API integrations. You can even publish data transformations as API endpoints to deliver exactly the curated data streams you want.

What’s more, you can give everyone access to powerful data processes through a ready-made GUI.

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Grow with your business

With CloverDX, you can scale for performance and complexity. This allows you to focus on growth, rather than whether your data can keep up.

You can run thousands of enterprise-level data jobs reliably without nerve-wracking performance worries. Scale from a single server to high-availability clusters depending on your needs, with pricing plans that offer tiered levels of support.


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Increase productivity

Build faster, share and reuse components, and ditch manual tasks for automation at the click of a button.


Solve 100%

Most products handle the easy 90%. But CloverDX can tackle the tricky 10% of data jobs that are exceptions, outliers, and errors.

Automate everything

Automate everything

Run your entire data process on autopilot (even the error handling), so you can do more with less.

You're not on your own (unless you want to be)

Want some help? The CloverDX Support and Data Engineering teams are always at the end of the phone or an email.

We'll help you with anything from advice on best practices to turnkey projects where we can build and deliver what you need.

Services and training

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CloverDX was one of the best investments we ever made, it’s still paying dividends. What it's enabled us to do has been pretty phenomenal.

Andrew Spear, Formula 3 Group/Milo Retail

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