The only data integration platform you need

Design, automate, operate, and publish your data pipelines in one all-encompassing platform. CloverDX automates mundane data jobs, boosts the productivity of your teams, and gives your data an added layer of trust.


The key principles of CloverDX

One home for your data

Using disparate platforms can lead to data quality and process issues. CloverDX is all you need.

The integrated platform allows you to keep a closer eye on your data efforts, ensure high quality, and limit rogue data practices. From a commercial perspective, it also simplifies scalability and cost predictability.

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Automation-first to streamline data operations

Do your IT teams frequently handle repetitive data jobs? Consider error handling or file migrations; both of these processes are important, but they eat up time.

Automation is key to streamlining and improving your data operations. CloverDX’s automated features save you time, mitigate stress, and guarantee better data quality and trust.



Designed to boost productivity

Data is the key to unlocking useful insights and boosting your organization’s competitiveness. So, the faster you can work with it, the better.

CloverDX is intuitive and extensive. The platform provides a highly visual design alongside robust coding features and assists. This empowers your team to code complex data solutions simply and at speed.



Orchestrate complex data pipelines from A to Z



Conduct powerful transformations to get the most value out of your data.

Streamline tedious data processes with reusable templates.

Code effortlessly in a visual environment, and benefit from instant debugging and code assists.



Integrate seamlessly with your other systems.

Automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as error handling, data validation, and file movement.

Buy back more time with robust and repeatable workflows.



Fit for every diverse IT environment - host in the cloud, on-premise, or both.

Scale alongside your changing data needs with an easy unit-based subscription model.

Rest assured your data is safe with a security-audited codebase.



Deliver your high-quality data to your destination of choice, including data apps, databases, data services, and the CloverDX Data Catalog.

Conduct reverse ETL jobs.

Connect easily to REST APIs and SOAP web services.

Make data accessible to everyone

Improve data collaboration between your business users and IT teams with the CloverDX Data Catalog and Wrangler features.

Give your business users access to high-quality data in a secure environment that’s controlled, curated, and maintained by your IT teams. Here, they can explore datasets, conduct basic transforms on their own, and build repeatable workflows to save time and effort.

How CloverDX fits into your IT environment

You can self-host CloverDX in any cloud service or on-premise environment - or a mixture of the two.


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Transition your workloads to a cloud service of your choice or combine infrastructure for hybrid deployments.



Run CloverDX in a wide range of on premise environments, including bare metal, VMs, Linux/Windows/Mac or deploy in containers.

Highly rated by customers


“[CloverDX’s] use cases are almost limitless. It can handle almost any type of data integration you can need to automate.”
Kevin H, Application Manager G2 review
“CloverDX is an amazing data integration tool”
IT User in Transportation Gartner Peer Insights review
“It’s just so much easier now. [CloverDX] transformation graphs can be shared and quickly adapted as needed, rather than having to create something from scratch.”
Gain Theory
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Get under the hood of CloverDX

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