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CloverDX is a leader in ETL Tools on G2
CloverDX is a leader in On-Premise Data Integration on G2
CloverDX is a leader in On-Premise Data Integration on G2
CloverDX is a leader in Enterprise ETL Tools on G2

CloverDX case studies

How Zywave freed up engineer time by up to a third with data automation

Insurtech company Zywave wanted to free up the time it was taking the engineering team to migrate new customers onto their platform. 

The process had previously involved a lot of manual steps, but now with everything managed with workflows built in CloverDX, onboarding is faster, the team has more time, and things are easier to maintain. 

"The onboarding process is our first chance at making a good impression with our customers after the dollars are already spent. And CloverDX gives us a tool to be able to move faster. Being able to reduce by 20% the time it takes for us to do those conversions for new customers is a huge benefit for us.”
- Bryan Kahlig, Senior Director, Product Development at Zywave 

ortec finance
How Ortec Finance reduced repetitive manual data processes by up to 90% with CloverDX

Delivering quarterly reports for Ortec Finance’s clients used to be a huge amount of manual effort, taking up valuable consultants’ time and causing stress as deadlines approached.

But now with CloverDX they’ve automated all the data processes that go into building reports, replacing manual, unconnected steps with streamlined, automated workflows.

“It's really the click of a button and we run the system. Instead of having typically a 4 or 5 day process of people preparing the data, running the models, checking the results and building the reports to send to the clients, we’ve reduced that to half a day or less.” - 
Thomas Hage, Senior Consultant at Ortec Finance


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