CloverDX 6

Collaboration between IT teams and business users done right.

Data for everyone

CloverDX 6 launches a new era, expanding the power of the platform to new audiences. While the foundation of the platform continues to serve as an end-to-end backbone for automation and operation of data pipelines, the newly added Data Catalog and Wrangler give business users ways to explore and access data shared within the platform, and to create data transformations on their own, without needing help from developers.

Data Catalog

Data Catalog provides a link between data pipelines managed in the platform and data consumers. It allows the IT team to publish data to the organization in collaboration with data owners.


CloverDX Wrangler is a brand new interface for business users integrated into the platform. Wrangler eliminates tedious repetitive data work by allowing users to record their actions once and replay them on new data effortlessly.

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Data Catalog


Share high-quality data

Publish high-quality curated data sources to your organization in a readily accessible form that users can trust.

Keep data alive

Don't worry about obsolete data. The Data Catalog hosts live connections to always up-to-date data sources.

Eliminate silos

By sharing a data catalog across your entire organization or department, you can ensure consistency of definition and usage of data.

Retain control

Data sharing comes with its own challenges, especially controlling access and governance. In CloverDX, IT is in full control.


Data works best when shared. The Data Catalog is built in collaboration between IT and data owners.

Enable self-service

The centralized Data Catalog simplifies data-related tasks to users by giving them ready-to-use data they need.



Self-service data preparation for business users

Explore shared data

Wrangler is tightly integrated with the Data Catalog, allowing users to explore, understand and pick the data they need.

No code

Data transformations made simple in an intuitive visual interface dedicated to business users.

Repeat tasks effortlessly

In Wrangler, you only do your job once. Then you can repeat the same job on new data as it comes in.

IT not needed

Business users can now prepare and run repetitive data jobs without needing developers to write code for them.

Centralized management

The Wrangler is an integral part of the CloverDX platform and tightly integrated with the Server, SSO, etc.


Wrangler does not require installation on the user's side, it's accessible as a standalone web interface from the CloverDX Server.

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