Give business users access to curated, reliable data


Data Catalog enables technical users to share bespoke datasets that business users can access – securely – and work with via an intuitive interface.

Data is standardized, available on-demand without IT intervention, and always live.


Self-service data for business users

Non-technical users who need to work with data can often face delays trying to access the data they need. And by the time IT have created a specific export from a data warehouse, the data might even be out of date.

But with CloverDX IT can set up a data source once – with whatever filters and formatting that are required – and make it available to business users to access in the Data Catalog at the click of a button, whenever they need.

No delays, no inaccurate data, and no extra work for IT.


Managed by IT, accessible by business

Bridge the gap between IT and business with the CloverDX Data Catalog.

Highly technical users can design, automate and operate complex data pipelines, and publish the results – in whatever format is needed – to the people that need it.

And those non-technical users don’t need to learn a complex tool or learn code to be able to use the data.


Create powerful live datasets, usable at the click of a button

Requests to the IT team for data can often lead to a frustrating, time-consuming back-and-forth process, especially when data needs to be combined from different sources.

But with Data Catalog, you can not only publish raw data as stored in a database, you can also attach business logic to it in a CloverDX workflow, so you can share new datasets for business users to access.

For example: Publish a dataset of sales employees by revenue, created from tables in the accounting system and the CRM. Curate the dataset to show just the columns the users need, and make it available to users on-demand in the Data Catalog.


Better data for everyone with Data Catalog

Save time

For business users - no more wasting time filtering datasets to just what you need, and for IT users – no repeated requests for data exports

Standardized data definitions

By creating centralized data sources available to everyone, you can standardize data across your organization - eliminating silos and inaccuracy.

Live data, every time

Because the data is always coming direct from the source, reports are always up-to-date, every time you click ‘run’.

Fewer errors

Because data in the catalog is processed by automations, it eliminates the need for end users to process raw data, saving time and increasing data quality.

Watch a demo of Data Catalog

See how business users can access curated, reliable data with CloverDX Data Catalog in this webinar clip. 

Watch the second part of this video  - showing how non-technical users can transform data in Wrangler - on the dedicated Wrangler page.

Save hours on repetitive data prep with Wrangler

Data Catalog is tightly integrated with CloverDX Wrangler - an intuitive interface that allows non-technical users to bring in data from sources in the Catalog and create repeatable transformation 'recipes' to run on them, without needing to code. 

No more hours of repetitive data prep to get data into the required format.

Recipes can be re-run on new or updated datasets at the click of a button - especially useful when the same series of preparation steps needs to be done regularly.

Read more about Wrangler

Create, edit and run data transformations at the click of a button. See how CloverDX Wrangler helps non-technical users to work with data without wasting time on repetitive tasks and without having to wait for IT intervention. 

Watch: Accelerate repeated migrations as part of system deployments

See how to speed up the migration process by building iterative, repeatable frameworks that can save time, reduce manual effort, and enable less-technical users to be more involved in the process. 

Making data available to business users more easily

See how CloverDX helps you expose live data - securely - to users, and make it available in a format that's clean, prepared and ready to use. 

Data Catalog at a glance

Share high-quality data

Publish high-quality curated data sources to your organization in a readily accessible form that users can trust.

Retain control

Data sharing comes with its own challenges, especially controlling access and governance. With CloverDX, IT is in full control.

Keep data alive

Don't worry about obsolete data. The Data Catalog hosts live connections to always up-to-date data sources.


Data works best when shared. The Data Catalog is built in collaboration between IT and data owners.

Eliminate silos

By sharing a Data Catalog across your entire organization or department, you can ensure consistency of definition and usage of data.

Enable self-service

The centralized Data Catalog simplifies data-related tasks for users by giving them the data they need in a ready-to-use format.

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