Deploying CloverDX
on premise


Fits your environment

With its light footprint, you can deploy CloverDX in a variety of scenarios without additional investment or a change of technology.


Wide platform support

Because CloverDX is pure Java, it runs in a wide range of Linux, Windows and Unix platforms. You can deploy it in Tomcat and other app containers.


Docker, Kubernetes

Deploy CloverDX in containers using our pre-built Docker image. Orchestrate complex deployments using Kubernetes.

CloverDX Server

The core of the CloverDX platform is CloverDX Server. It is the execution runtime for data transformations, job flows, monitoring and automation.

Deploy CloverDX Server:

  • Linux, Windows, Mac or legacy Unix
  • purely Java-based
  • Support for multiple application containers
  • Apache Tomcat and other app containers
  • Docker using the official Docker image



Design, automate, operate and publish data at scale

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