How CloverDX helps consultancy firms deliver data projects faster

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Let's paint a picture that might sound all too familiar...

You spend so long on data projects (like complex data validation processes) that your other initiatives aren't flourishing. If your business is focused on implementing new systems for clients, then you're being paid for your domain expertise, whether that's in Salesforce, Workday, Hubspot or some other platform. The data migration part of those projects is a necessary evil - it's time-consuming, complex, and means you're not focusing on the part where you really add value - helping customers make the most of their new system.

Work faster. Deliver more projects. Better data management for consultancies.

If only there was a way to ease the strain of your data issues.

Thankfully, data platforms like CloverDX contain many features that make data projects a whole lot easier. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the key ways it can help your consultancy firm.

Streamline client data onboarding and improve retention

Every consultancy firm wants to provide value to clients quickly, and keep those clients for as long as possible. Dealing with client data issues can often make both those things difficult.

The top reason why a business loses customers is that customers don’t understand the service. The second reason is that they’re not getting enough value.

One of the best ways to solve the second obstacle is to improve your onboarding. 

With a platform like CloverDX, you can accelerate data onboarding and boost the time to value for your clients (as well as speeding up your revenue recognition).

  • Rapidly speed up the data part of projects. By creating repeatable data migration frameworks you can redeploy them - with only relatively minor changes - for each client. Much faster and easier than starting from scratch every time. Build custom data validation into your workflows (so it happens seamlessly and minimizes errors).
  • Work with any source or target systems. Connect to any data source (on-premise or cloud). CloverDX can help you bring all the pieces of your architecture together, no matter how complex.
  • Provide more accurate specifications to clients. When your processes are standardized and repeatable, it makes budgeting and scheduling more accurate.
  • React to client needs rapidly. Agility and repeatability are built in to CloverDX, so it's easy to alter and re-run a process to adapt to changing requirements. 
  • Transparent data processes for trust and confidence. A visual data workflow enables better communication with clients, as they can see what's happening to their data. And reports can be run at every stage for complete credibility. 

Free up expensive technical resources

Fifty-four percent of employees believe they could save 240 hours annually through automation.

Do your teams spend too long on those manual data processes? Are you having to rebuild everything from scratch for each new project or client, even if the basics of the data job are pretty similar? Worse still, are you reliant on a large, expensive off-shore team to do all of your data onboarding?

It’s a problem that many consultancies face every day. If your valuable consultants are spending their time massaging data - wouldn't it be great to free up that time for them to spend on really adding value?

CloverDX helps you tame the complexity of migrating client data, and helps you overcome the challenges of legacy formats; old, irrelevant or incomplete data; or just huge volumes and tight deadlines.

With CloverDX you can build reusable data migration templates (or migration accelerators) -  for complex systems like Workday, Salesforce, NetSuite, Shopify and others. Which means you can build a library of reusable tools to get a head start on new projects.

Technical teams can build frameworks that automate processes and hide complexity so consultants don't have to waste time learning different data intricacies but instead can handle the data part far more easily.

Tame complex, legacy data

Naturally, implementations of new software systems often involve migrations from older, legacy systems. No matter how complex the data migration, CloverDX simplifies moving data from legacy applications with automated data cleansing and transformation. And CloverDX is built to be flexible and customizable - with connectors for dozens of common platforms out of the box, but you can connect to anything by customizing components and using raw code wherever you need. 

Bring transparency to client interactions

When clients don't understand what's going on, or they spot some incorrect data that makes them wonder what else is wrong, it damages trust. There are many non-technical ways you can help mitigate this (regular and proactive communication, explaining issues without jargon, etc.) but your data platform can help improve communication and credibility.

  • A visual interface helps show and explain exactly what's happening - where data is coming from, what's happening to it and where it's going
  • Iterate fast - adjust and re-run jobs at the click of a button. Automation, not manual labor.
  • Easy-to-understand error messaging so clients can provide meaningful inputs. 
  • Work on real data asap, without affecting your clients' systems
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Migrating data to Workday: a real-world example

We've got a lot of experience working with consultancies to automate and speed up their processes.

As an example, we helped one client, a Workday Partner, level up their data migrations so that they’re now completed more efficiently. Staff are now spending less time on manually managing data migrations and more time on adding value.

Before working with CloverDX, their migration projects were both time-consuming and headache-inducing. They worked with complex legacy systems to migrate data to Workday, and complete repetitive data cleaning and data ingestion.

Thanks to CloverDX, they've been able to drastically reduce the time the consultants need to spend on data migrations. The data migration framework built on CloverDX validates and transforms arbitrary customer data into a Workday-friendly format and then loads it directly into individual Workday modules. The solution also has data quality checks built in so that errors and inconsistencies in legacy data don't slow down project delivery. 

What’s more, all the complexity of the ETL processes gets neatly hidden away from consultants – they don’t need to get into the technical details and can instead focus their billable time on helping clients.

Case study: Effectively Migrating Legacy Data Into Workday

Make your consultancy firm more efficient with CloverDX

Sick of manual data migrations? Spending too much time on data challenges? 

As we’ve seen, when you use a data management platform like CloverDX you can automate and template your processes to boost your productivity, so you can onboard more clients, reduce repetitive work, and maximize your fee income.

Then, you can focus on doing what you do best – delivering a service that delights your customers.

So, if you’d like to find out more about how CloverDX could help you level up your work with data, reach out for a chat with us today.

Posted on October 11, 2021
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