Unify your IT and business teams and achieve superior regulatory reporting, transparency and security.

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Banking regulations lead to data complexity

Regulatory requirements such as the GDPR and BSBC239 make data management in the banking sector challenging.

Many businesses struggle with complex messaging systems, automation pipelines and large databases.

CloverDX helps you get a handle on it.

CloverDX’s flexibility enables your teams to manage complex data integrations and pipelines better, collaboratively and with complete transparency.

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Align your bank’s business and IT teams

Connect applications and data from across your business with one tool. This enables your business and IT teams to share a “common language” for data definitions and movement.

CloverDX’s visual nature allows business users to understand and control their data better. With the ability to interface with commonly used tools like spreadsheets and data modeling tools, your business teams can generate parts of your data processing pipelines without the need for lengthy IT development intervention. Learn more.

Find your sensitive data, fast

Automatically discover where PII data is held, regardless of scale or location, and classify it. Our CloverDX Harvester uses optimized machine learning to crawl thousands of data tables. Once completed, it produces a reliable data map of instances of PII in your data.

Apply repeatable anonymization rules to keep your sensitive data usable, compliant and risk-free.

Better auditability for regulatory requirements

Make your data processes trustworthy and repeatable:

  • Deliver accurate, on-time routine and ad-hoc reporting fast
  • Cut out time-consuming manual work
  • Reduce the need for Excel experts to translate data

Automating the process of translating data models into operational pipelines will guarantee any code running in production matches your specifications. What’s more, it allows auditors to verify the models and check that reports represent real data.

CloverDX enables you to build scalable solutions

It's designed to grow seamlessly and cost-effectively as more systems are added, giving you a long-term solution and long-term business impact.

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Complex data pipelines & large volumes of data are hard to manage

CloverDX's visual data approach makes difficult processes simpler to understand and manage.

With automation and error monitoring, your pipelines become more reliable. Also, CloverDX's scalability make large volumes of data and sources easier to handle.


Transparency and auditability is challenging

CloverDX’s ‘Data Model Bridge’ translates data models into production code. This guarantees a 1:1 representation of specifications to operational infrastructure.

As you build your processes, CloverDX produces easy-to-interpret audit documentation.


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Get your systems working seamlessly

CloverDX’s native and custom connectors let you work with different applications, databases and data formats in one place.

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