Enterprise Data Management

Align your business processes, data governance requirements and IT infrastructure to deliver more consistency.

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Seamless data management across the entire lifecycle

Enterprise Data Management covers a range of standards and policies that form your organization's approach to data.

These include data entry, quality measures, and data delivery. Of course, these processes must also support your data governance and security needs.

CloverDX ensures smooth, automated dataflows by integrating data seamlessly across your organization.

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Get a single view of a “golden source” of data

Connect data to where you need it and ensure it's always there and always on. Rather than struggle with unavailable data, CloverDX transforms your processes with data pipelines. These pipelines connect your disparate applications and data seamlessly.

If your organization has advanced governance requirements, CloverDX can speed up complex implementations and operationalize data models and catalogs.


Eliminate miscommunications

Give your business users, “shadow IT” and traditional IT teams a common language they can all share.

This can be a simple, actionable Excel mapping document or a data model. CloverDX will take your document or model and turn it into an operational data pipeline.

Empower Data Owners

Data owners are the key to critical business transformation. But to make the most of their data, they need to balance business requirements, IT implementation and governance.

CloverDX's Data Model Bridge aligns your organization so that data owners can better control their data. This in turn will drive better business outcomes.

Turn “Excel over email” into managed data pipelines

Transfering data via emailed spreadsheets is inefficient, unreliable and insecure. We've all been there. Let's not do that anymore.

  • Transform manual, unreliable processes into trustworthy, automated data pipelines
  • Cut manual work and free your teams to focus on business challenges

Do you have advanced
governance requirements?

You can shorten lengthy and error-prone implementations by using CloverDX to directly operationalize data models and catalogs.

Turn data models into ETL jobs at the click of a button



Connect to standard and unique data sources through CloverDX’s built-in or extended custom connectors.



Share data with external parties safely. Maintain compliance and manage end-of-life process with data anonymization.


Automated Data Delivery

Deliver data where and when you need it, with a wide range of automation options. These include regular scheduled delivery, manual delivery on request, APIs or message queues.


Ensure Data Quality

Support data quality and error-handling processes throughout your data pipeline.


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Don't force clients to conform to your standards when you can map their original data onto yours. With CloverDX's customizable auto-mapping framework, you can ingest a wide variety of data and onboard clients faster.

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Instead of assuming all your data is going to be clean and correctly formatted, build resilient data pipelines with CloverDX that know how to deal with bad data. CloverDX lets you create data quality rules to deal with exceptions automatically. Defensive design like this improves data quality across the organization and ensures that information pipelines don’t get clogged up by dirty data.

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Use the CloverDX Harvester to crawl large data sets (tens of thousands of database tables) and produce a reliable data map within weeks. Discover sensitive PII or create initial inputs into a data catalog or model.

Integrate with metadata management tools and extend their use to actionable, operational outcomes.

Map complex data structures (e.g. HL7, EDI) onto simpler target structures. Use configuration templates or data models to empower less-technical users.

Different business processes have specific timing, location and structural data needs. CloverDX supports batch/scheduled modes and instantaneous delivery between applications over API. This ensures everyone gets their data when, where and how they need it, all in a single platform.

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Data is not only an asset, but a liability, too. Regulations, such as the GDPR and CCPA, mean organizations must consider the implications of sharing and retaining data over time. With data anonymization driven by CloverDX, you can transform sensitive data into safe data.

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