CloverETL has renamed to CloverDX

(October 2018)

An important milestone in a long journey

Fifteen years ago, when data warehousing was booming, CloverETL was born as the first open source ETL. However, data challenges of this world have been growing ever since and so has CloverETL. We are now an international company, with a versatile data integration product and strong support and services teams that relentlessly support organizations in their daily data battles.

CloverETL found its way to countless clients—small garage visionaries to large multinational corporations—all giving us extremely valuable experience that we fed back to the product.

Dominate your data with CloverDX

CloverDX is the next step on our journey. Looking back at those fifteen years, we realized we make companies, teams and individuals succeed in their data projects. We combine a mature product with real passion for data and a vision that any organization can rule their data.

While CloverETL had represented only the product, CloverDX ("Data Experience") signifies the overall experience we deliver to our customers; the craftsmanship in our product, our individual approach, flexibility and the fact that we simply care. We’ve enjoyed doing all of the above for years and with this new brand, we’re just eager to improve that experience further.

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Impact of the change

  • CloverETL will continue as CloverDX (CloverDX Designer, CloverDX Server).
  • CloverETL 4.9 will be succeeded by CloverDX 5.0, introducing new features but maintaining the usual backward compatibility.
  • CloverETL users with an active maintenance program can move to CloverDX at no extra cost.
  • We will continue to support CloverETL in line with our standard support agreement or as otherwise agreed.
  • The legal entity behind CloverDX remains Javlin Inc., Javlin Ltd. and Javlin, a.s. in their respective countries.
  • Finally, our main objective is to still be the “Clover guys”, an independent company focused on delivering a best-of-breed data integration platform and the most responsive data consulting services—only better.

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Should you have any questions relating to the transition between CloverETL and CloverDX, feel free to Contact Us.

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