Streamline your data migration

Migrate data from anywhere, to anywhere

Connect to any data source or target, whether on-premise or in cloud, and streamline processes with an iterative, repeatable, customizable approach.

Faster data migrations

Faster, more reliable data migrations

Whether you're facing a one-off data migration or you're undertaking frequent migrations for clients, the CloverDX Data Integration Platform can save you time with an iterative, repeatable data migration approach.

Build repeatable, automated data workflows and eliminate the need to re-do work every time your data or requirements change.


Save time and reduce errors with automation

Reduce manual work by automating the repetitive parts of a data migration - speeding up the process, freeing up developer time and increasing accuracy.

Reusable components and templates mean its easy to re-run processes and automate anything from a series of transformations to a full-scaled automated mapping framework.

And a repeatable, iterative process enables you to adapt to the inevitable moving parts and changes during the process - without creating more manual work.


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Build trust and improve collaboration

Transparent processes help tech teams and data owners work together.

Information on status and errors is presented in a user-friendly way so less-technical stakeholders - whether your internal teams or paying clients -  can provide feedback more easily.

Automation and always-on validation help ensure accuracy, consistency and data quality, giving everyone more trust in the process.


The Guide to Data Migration Projects

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Data migrations with CloverDX

If you're facing any of the these scenarios, CloverDX could be an ideal solution. 

A bespoke or complex data migration

  • Where a system vendor isn’t available to do the work
  • You’re working with heavily customized systems
  • Other consultancies don’t understand the complexity of your project

You can’t accomplish complex data migrations in Excel. With CloverDX, you get a repeatable, iterative template that means you can easily make changes and re-run automated processes.

Extremely tight deadlines

  • Project going off the rails?
  • In-house resources not enough to meet deadlines?
  • Does your deadline call for automation and some unorthodox solutions?

Automated processes make delivery faster, more flexible and more reliable. And if you need further support, CloverDX’s Professional Services team are on hand.

Messy data that’s not usable in your target system

  • If you have heavily customized data sets with a lot of mess in them, or;
  • A high volume of messy data that needs clever validation

CloverDX’s automated data validation and error-handling processes ensure a streamlined and consistent approach.

Data migration is a component of a bigger mission 

  • If you’re providing a platform or service that relies on moving data efficiently
  • If repeatedly onboarding new clients is taking too much time and effort
  • If you’re entering a new market but aren’t sure how to handle the data part of what you need to do

CloverDX handles any source system easily so you can onboard customer data faster, with no extra effort from your clients.

7 reasons you should use CloverDX for your data migration

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When your data migration isn't the end

Do you need to supply a data warehouse with regular updates, or regularly move data between systems or environments?

CloverDX enables you to design data workflows - no matter how complex - and run reliable data pipelines on autopilot.

Migrating data workloads to cloud - 20th July 2021-thumb

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Data migration case studies

Workday data migration

Effectively migrating data to Workday

A repeatable data migration template enabled one Workday implementation consultancy to onboard more clients without increasing headcount.

The company needed a solution that would:

  • Give them the power to fix and verify input data
  • Perform the necessary data conversion
  • Ingest it into Workday
  • Provide an easy way to manage errors
  • Empower consultants and reduce complexity

The reusable data migration approach has drastically reduced the time the consultants need to spend on data migrations. Now they can focus on adding value to their clients.


Automated data migration 

200,000 XML files with constantly changing schemas, 3000 fields that needed to be mapped into 150 database tables. Just two months until the migration had to go live.

For this complex data migration, a scripted approach couldn’t scale quickly enough. With CloverDX, the company built a system that automates the migration. The tool automatically creates mapping documents and detects and adapts to changes in structure.

The project was delivered on time and accurately, and with fewer staff than originally planned.

Make your data migration faster and more accurate with CloverDX

See how the CloverDX Data Integration Platform can speed up your migration, replace 'big bang' anxiety with an iterative, repeatable approach, and improve collaboration.