The Guide to Data Migration Projects

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The Guide to Data Migration Projects breaks down a typical data migration into 13 project stages. It explores best practices and some red flags so that you can take the right approach to creating your data migration plan and delivering a successful project.

The more data migration projects you go through, the more you realize they’re actually “people projects” rather than technical challenges—at least, if they’re executed properly.

Poor technical design leads to project delays, cost inefficiencies, and, ultimately, unhappy people. Well-designed projects, on the other hand, energize people to reassess their data, cleanse it, and consider how optimize its use in the target system.

We’ve gathered our years of experience in the field to compile this in-depth data migration guide. We'll show you how to:

  • Avoid messy project management
  • Develop an agile approach to your project
  • Tackle the iterative nature of a data migration
  • Tool up in a way that automates the process

If your approach is repeatable and easy to adapt, you’ll make it through. Hold tight to this mantra for a fighting chance against potential data migration problems along the way.

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