Building large scale data migration frameworks

Eliminate repetitive tasks and deliver fast, cost-effective data migrations

When managing large-scale data migrations, often with multiple legacy systems, the traditional approach means the repetitive effort grows with the project scope.

But with a repeatable framework approach that automates much of the simple work, you get faster results and significant cost savings.


Download the white paper and discover:

  • How an iterative, repeatable and transparent approach can work for your data migration
  • Why it’s important not to actually touch any data by hand
  • How an automated framework frees engineers’ time so they can focus on solving the hard problems

And read 3 case studies of successful data migration projects that used this approach:

  • A Workday implementation consultancy that now onboards significantly more clients with no extra resources, thanks to 10x faster migrations from legacy systems
  • Hitting a tight 2-month deadline on a project involving 200,000 XML files, after a previous in-house attempt failed
  • A data framework that now serves over 200 countries for a global logistics operator

Download the white paper