Deliver data to any destination

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Get your data where it needs to be, the way you need it. CloverDX supports a variety of data delivery modes to serve mixed, evolving needs.

Deliver Data to
  • Data storage
  • Applications
  • People

Connect to virtually any database or file format

Ready-made connectors

CloverDX comes packed with plenty of out-of-the-box connectors for the common data formats – relational databases, NoSQL databases, structured and unstructured files like Excel, JSON, XML, etc.

Flexibility is built in

CloverDX connectors are much more versatile than you’ll find in other products. For example, with CloverDX you can easily automate working with loosely structured Excel files (think of a tax return form), multi-row, multi-delimiter CSV files, and similar complexities in many other formats.

Make your own. Customize.

You can easily build and package your own components should you need to. For simpler cases you can create reusable functional blocks or go fully into coding in Java or a language of your preference (e.g. Python) Also, we’re happy to help you with building your own connectors, too.

Legacy data support

We include support for several legacy data formats. Just in case.

Direct, automated connection between applications

Get applications talking to each other

CloverDX facilitates data feeds to, from or between applications making integrations possible even where the existing integrations lack the functionality you need or simply don’t exist.

API integration

Connect to any API with extensible support for REST and SOAP application programming interfaces.

Create your own API endpoints

CloverDX goes beyond connecting APIs. You can also publish data transformations as API endpoints in their own right. This makes it easy to create your own data collection points or to publish data streams for other applications to consume.


Other tools may come with basic, pre-built application connectors. But CloverDX lets you adapt and modify the available connectors for extra customization. This accelerates project delivery and makes it easy to solve more challenging data integration problems.

Data ingest and homogenization

CloverDX can be used as a flexible data integration layer - a great solution for onboarding new clients and user data without forcing them to use specific data structures and without the need to massage data beforehand.

Give business users the data they need in a format they can use

Power to everyone

Users want more access to data and the ability reformat it and automate routine processes. But they don’t have the technical know-how to do it with their current tools. CloverDX changes all that.

Create a data app catalog

With CloverDX you can publish a catalogue of data apps that lets business users trigger and control potentially complex processes happening in the background.

Build your data toolkit

CloverDX’s data apps are super-flexible. For example, we see clients build apps to validate, enrich and upload data from Excel into ERP systems and to build self-service query builders to help users get the data they need.

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