Visual design. Flexibility of coding.

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Running a Data Transformation

Once you design and test your data jobs from your laptop, deploy them onto a production server.

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Manage the mundane and the complex

CloverDX's design philosophy comes from combining the productivity of a visual design with the full power of coding at the hands of developers.

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My experience with CloverDX overall has been great. So far there hasn't been anything I can't do in Clover that I have needed to do. It makes my job easier and graphs make it easy to work with others.
Data Service Analyst, Professional Services
Out-of-the-box components

Out-of-the-box components

Don't reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of CloverDX's library of configurable, built-in components. These components let you read, write, aggregate, join and validate your data. CloverDX also lets you manage  internal and external workflows, from file operations, to flow control and error handling.

Drop in and out of code

Drop in and out of code

Some ideas are better executed in code. In CloverDX, you can customize components by adding a piece of code. CTL - the CloverDX Transformation Language - helps you effectively work with flat or structured data. Alternatively, you can code in Java, Python or another language of your choice.

Package. Share. Reuse.

Package. Share. Reuse.

Functional blocks can be packaged into reusable libraries. Do you need to share a specific connector, validation sequence or custom business logic across your teams? Simply put your connector, sequence or logic into a so called "subgraph" and share it wherever you'd like.

Fail Fast. Succeed Faster!

Oversee data at every step

Get more data transparency with CloverDX. Our platform shows you a complete overview of your data, instantly, at every step. You can set debugging conditions to quickly find problematic records.


CloverDX developer assists
Move fast with developer assists

CloverDX gives you immediate feedback on actions, minimizing any surprises that may occur during runtime. It's not enough to fix problems as they happen in runtime. You need a development tool to help you move forward and catch problems immediately.

Code and debug right within the IDE

Enjoy an integrated coding editor with context assist and code validation, all from within the visual designer. Our scripting language, CTL, helps you debug and validate your code against your data structures.

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CloverDX’s versatility when massaging data affords us the freedom and creativity to design solutions in a more developer‑minded way.

Michael Barnard, General Manager, Customology

Greater collaboration

Repackage the nitty-gritty into simple components

Abstract complicated code and logic into high-level business connectors and operations. With CloverDX, your developers can create intuitive building blocks for your less-technical colleagues.

Share simple data apps

Do you find that your non-technical users need to run processing manually from time to time? Whether they need to upload and process data, or receive reports on demand, there's a simpler way to give them control. With CloverDX, you can give them a simple, web-based interface to your data transformation.

Track with version control

Put every bit of your work into standard version control systems such as git or SVN. Transformations, connections, code and logic and server environment configuration can all be version controlled.

Automatic, transparent documentation

Export documentation for your pipelines right from their visual representation. One problem of 'homegrown' scripted solutions is the fragmentation of tools and opaque code. This problem makes it hard for people in your business to understand your data clearly. Fortunately, CloverDX can export meaningful documentation on a self-documenting basis, giving everyone in your business full transparency.

Split work across your team

Don't handle your complex projects alone. With an established, centralized development server, you can split your work across team members. The server handles your resources centrally, so you needn't worry about working on different versions. Additionally, integration with GIT or SVN ensures that version changes don't get lost.

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Integrate and extend

Integration with other technologies in the stack

CloverDX is rooted in Java technology which gives it access to the vast Java ecosystem. Integrating with 3rd party Java libraries is a breeze, whether you choose light or deep integration.

White-label CloverDX

You can easily white-label the whole platform and make it part of your offering, or create your own transformation components, GUI and extension modules to pair it with your product.

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