Automate your data workloads

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Workloads Automation

Save time and money by automating data preparation and exchange. Increase team productivity. Improve process reliability. Improve data consistency.

One platform, multiple delivery modes

Schedule, react, integrate with APIs or request data on demand

Organisations have complex data landscapes. Navigate them with CloverDX and get the right data, in the right format, to the right place at the right time. With CloverDX you can manage:


Delivery of data triggered by a schedule or variety of events


Effortless API integration with applications


Publishing simple web interfaces for non-technical users

Orchestration beyond data transformations

Take control of the entire process in one place and remove manual steps

Manage every step of your process in a single, transparent workflow. Instead of a jumble of poorly-documented point solutions, custom-coded integrations and ad-hoc manual tasks, CloverDX helps you automate data tasks and do more inside a single platform:

  • Orchestrate internal & external workflows
  • Integrate with legacy code
  • Connect with APIs and message queues
Design, automate, operate and publish data at scale
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Turn mundane tasks into reusable templates

Don’t repeat yourself, build templates to do it for you

Do you find yourself repeating the same tasks over and over again? Do small differences in each project creates days of extra work?

Whether it’s varying input data structures that need to be homogenized; varying data transformations; or data quality rules that need adjusting, with CloverDX you can build highly-configurable frameworks to manage these repeating processes with many moving parts – so you don’t need to waste time rebuilding the foundations.

CloverDX jobs can be automatically generated based on a template and a configuration (for example, an Excel file filled in by a consultant).

Error management at scale

Don’t let bad data interrupt your processes

Build robust, automated processes to identify, report and correct bad data. No business can guarantee 100% perfect data. Better to design systems to spot and fix it up front than suffer delays and inefficiencies later.

CloverDX supports automatic data profiling, reconciliation and validation throughout your data pipelines, and manages alerts and corrections automatically.


Job flows management

CloverDX includes visual design tools, scalable execution and monitoring. Break processes down into small, manageable sub-flows, and control your entire process - no matter how complex - from one place.



Batch-oriented processing using a cron-like scheduler.


Event triggers

Trigger data jobs automatically with CloverDX. For example, run a process when a file appears in a folder (remote, too) or an email comes in. Chain sequences together and branch based on external triggers or previous results.


Message queues

Hook CloverDX to message queues and process data in near-realtime.



Connect to applications over APIs or publish your own data API on CloverDX Data Services.


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