How to deliver data-driven transformation projects 3x faster with CloverDX

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Eighty-eight percent of IT pros state the biggest challenge they expect to face in 2021 will be the need to drive through transformation at speed.

In today's world, IT leaders face more complexity and greater stress on the job to keep up with the fast pace of digital transformation. Some businesses have struggled to control their entire IT stack, and with the added pressure brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, priorities are changing.

So, how are organizations able to drive transformation at speed while building confidence in the team and senior leaders in the process?

This article will run through how the CloverDX platform can help you do just that and deliver data-driven transformation projects 3x faster. We'll first look at what a successful data-driven transformation project means to us. Then we'll cover our approach and its benefits and, finally, a couple of examples we've implemented.

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Data is power

The data behind your digital transformation is crucial. Here at CloverDX, we believe that you need to put your data at the heart of your efforts. High-quality data at scale drives modern innovation.

If your business approaches digital transformation projects in the right way, data will be easier to access. And when you're able to access more data, better quality data, and the data that matters to you, you’ll find it easier to innovate.

It's important to not make innovation harder than it needs to be. So let's explore how the CloverDX platform can help with that.

Making innovation 3x easier, faster and more efficient

Eighty-nine percent of those responsible for digital transformation projects say they feel 'immense pressure' at work. Fast delivery is crucial for digital transformation projects. Your stakeholders need to see results and business insights as soon as possible.

With that being said, we want to debunk the idea of getting projects "over the finish line" and turn the process into a more efficient loop of delivering ideas, testing them and getting them production-ready. Our approach looks to enable a "data first, technology second" perspective that will save time, drive efficiency and reduce costs.

Here's a closer look at how you can innovate and deliver business benefits faster:

1. Learn from your data

It's important to establish key data metrics and integrate them effectively so that you can work toward a specific business goal. This will help you determine whether the transformation is a success and allow you to monitor progress along the way.

Consolidating and analyzing data from across your organization is often a great source of innovation. But this often requires large scale data migrations or complex integrations between systems.

CloverDX can handle any data source or format, at any scale, and bring it together. This gives you the visibility and insights you need to implement true innovation.

2. Automate

Too many organizations rely upon manual processes that could be automated. Manual data preparation and ingestion can constitute up to 80 percent of a data analytics project.

We can help you deploy automated, scalable systems that can turn mundane tasks into reusable templates. With automated frameworks, driven by rules and configuration, you can cut the need for manual intervention. This gives you the time to focus on driving business innovation.

3. Start small

Dealing with a sequence of iterations and starting small makes each iteration a delivery - one more successful step in the whole process. This is where project management is crucial.

CloverDX handles iterative design-operate cycles with ease. What’s more, it encourages iterative development and easy deployment to dev, QA and production environments.

4. Build culture and confidence

Creating a data-driven culture will empower your people to deliver results faster with better tools. And if non-technical leaders are seeing more efficient and sophisticated workflows taking place, they're more likely to believe in your team.

Companies that focus on culture are 5x more likely to achieve breakthrough performance than companies that neglect culture.

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It's easier to get your team on board when they see changes and can participate in an open dialogue that encourages more movement in decision-making. With effective collaboration between your differently skilled teams, you can watch your productivity levels go through the roof.

The way you do business is constantly evolving, and you need technology that can evolve along with the success and confidence you build. CloverDX can help your business keep pace with accelerating business demands.

5. Use the talent and skill at your disposal

We're by no means discounting the importance of good technology, but it's easier to buy transformative technology than it is to nurture and develop talent and skill within the workforce. The creative aspect of innovation is entirely dependent on people and investing in those who can make that technology useful.

You can consolidate your team skills from siloed projects into a single design and operations platform. Rather than shifting resources or hiring additional team members, you can leverage CloverDX’s automation to manage and monitor complex data workloads.

Our expert team are nimble enough to adapt to your changing business needs and scale with your organization. But don't just take our word for it, you can see the results in our case studies.

Our platform in action

We've seen real-life digital transformations where customers have used the CloverDX platform and our support teams to deliver success fast. Let's take a look at some of them.


CloverDX helped EE achieve disruptive innovation that delivered radical change by streamlining the configuration of their data ingest pipelines with a highly agile approach. Their job was to create business insights fast and deliver them to EE’s upper management so they could make informed decisions.

A small team, without the extra funds to bring about the change they required, decided to think smarter rather than bigger. CloverDX has made it far easier for them to jump in and start integrating data sources right away. It now takes the team a month to complete work that would previously have taken six months.

Health Research Inc.

Health Research Inc. achieved faster, easier and more accurate day-to-day data processing and integration with CloverDX. They required a tool to migrate data from an Informix system to a Microsoft SQL Server environment, and the flexibility of CloverDX meant that they were able to save time and decrease effort on day-to-day tasks, reduce reliance on expensive development teams, and make their data processes more efficient.

With a flexible, agile and robust approach, and with the right methods, you can create solutions that enable you to quickly implement change and deliver better business outcomes. CloverDX makes connecting and consolidating data sources easier, without lengthy IT processes.

Build your data-driven transformation at speed and with confidence

Businesses that stay stagnant and sit on their data won’t fare well against their competition. The CloverDX platform encourages you to harness data to power up your digital transformation. It also speeds up iteration, with manageable, scalable and repeatable workflows. This allows for faster change implementations that can be shared across your business.

We can help your business deliver your data-driven transformation projects 3x faster. Let's talk about how we can help you get up to speed quickly with your data-driven digital transformation. 

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Posted on April 28, 2021
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