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Grow your bottom line with better data management

CloverDX helps businesses deploy automated, scalable systems that...


Save time

Ensure your data is always in the right place and the right format to slash the hours you spend on troubleshooting and manual work.  


Drive efficiency

Optimize your data pipeline and discover untapped opportunities for efficiency.


Reduce costs

Replace costly legacy systems, identify revenue leaks, and enjoy cost savings from your newly optimized processes.

“One of the most transformative tools we’ve employed in our business”

Hear from real customers about how CloverDX saves time and drives efficiency in expected and unexpected ways.

Keep pace with accelerating business demands.

The way you do business is constantly evolving, and you need technology that can evolve along with you. The CloverDX platform and our expert team are nimble enough to adapt to your changing business needs and scale with your organization.

Case studies

When custom scripts don’t cut it

With an automated data mapping framework built with CloverDX, a multinational software company was able to deliver a complex data migration within a tight two‑month schedule.

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Growth demands automation

An ecommerce site experiencing rapid growth replaced their manual data integration process with an automated system that scaled with their success.

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Free up internal resources.

Rather than shifting resources or hiring additional team members, you can leverage CloverDX’s automation to manage and monitor complex data workloads.

On a day-to-day level, CloverDX uses automation to remove manual steps from your team’s workflows. That means less time spent on repetitive tasks and more time to focus on other projects.

Case studies

Where’s the money going?

By consolidating and automating their call data, we helped an international company save six days’ worth of work per month and reduce their phone costs by 40%

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Agile, unlocked

A small Digital Insights team was able to save time by automating their data management with CloverDX — work that would previously have taken six months now only takes one month

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Optimize data

A number of factors (legacy scripts, disparate data sources and formats, error rates, timeouts, growing data volume, and more) can impact your ability to scale your data management.

CloverDX can connect to any data source (on-premise or in the cloud) and accept incoming data in any format, so you can optimize data ingestion and reduce loading times.

Case studies

Stop putting out fires

Our solution for a leading U.S. wealth management firm reduced their data loading time from 12 hours down to just 41 minutes.

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Easy, transparent data ingest

We helped a consultancy reduce their data prep time by 50% so they could focus on the service they provide for their customers.

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Migrate from legacy systems.

Leave legacy systems and lengthy IT processes behind and embrace digital transformation with CloverDX. Our automated processes make it faster and easier to implement change, so you can reap the rewards as soon as possible.

Case studies

Out with the old

By consolidating and migrating multiple legacy systems to a new ERP with CloverDX, a major financial services provider increased their processing speeds by one-third, reduced data volumes by 25%, and reduced operating costs by 42% annually.

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Repeatable migration framework

A Workday Partner needed a better way to migrate customer data from legacy systems to Workday. CloverDX built a bespoke data migration framework that dramatically simplified the process, reducing migration times from months to weeks.

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Improve overall data health.

Improve the overall adoption, automation, and quality of data handling within your organization. CloverDX can automatically manage bad data identification and correction, rule definitions, and data quality reporting so you can reclaim the time, money, and resources your organization spends on cleaning up messy, inaccurate data.

Case studies

Spotless databases

By addressing data inconsistencies, our solution for a publishing house generated over $800,000 in savings and increased orders by 12%.

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Top-down visibility

CloverDX helped a global logistics company uncover accounting inefficiencies and revenue leaks and implement an error management system. The project generated enough savings to pay for itself within the first three months.

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Delight customers.

In addition to helping your teams, CloverDX can also provide a better experience for your customers.

Case studies

No more apologies

Automotive consultancy BTC Solutions used CloverDX to reverse their database performance issues. The end result was a faster, more reliable data warehouse and a better experience for their customers.

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Better data, better insights

A data-driven marketing agency leveraged CloverDX to turn raw transactional data into customer profiles to better serve their clients.

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Choose the pricing model that works for you.

We know that every organization is different, so we offer two different licensing models and several flexible modules that can scale up and down as needed.

Especially in these difficult economic times, we want to see our customers succeed. We’ll work with you to create a plan that works for your cashflow needs.

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