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A Data Warehouse for E-Commerce

Case study: how a data warehouse helped one company become the largest ever e-commerce acquisition.

How CloverDX is a key technology asset for data-driven analytics and optimization

A high quality data warehouse is critical for this fast-growing company. Being able to bring procurement, sales and marketing, inventory, logistics, product development and other data into a meaningful data warehouse gives them deeper insights, facilitates better quality decision-making and satisfies their hunger for data and extracting value from it.

Consolidating data at scale

The company had always had a data-driven approach, but were struggling to scale their manual data integration operation to keep up with their growth. As data volumes and the number of systems were increasing,  they were looking for a better way to get insights from every area of the business quickly.

A key requirement was to be as agile as possible, in order to handle changes in the business and get fast answers to business questions. Using CloverDX to bring data from different sources – from the cloud, databases, applications and elsewhere –  into the data warehouse means it can now be accessed without the need for extra development work. 

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Seamless data pipeline management

The company can now manage their data integration pipelines more easily and more reliably, with data being pushed into Tableau for analysis. CloverDX ensures that the data warehouse has a constant stream of live daily updates, enabling each department to take core data and build their own business-critical reporting. 

Business unit leaders, as well as the business intelligence team, now have a far more detailed analysis of costs, margins and pricing promotions. They can continually optimize everything from sales analytics, logistics and delivery to shipping, cost control and vendor comparisons.

With the focus on data-driven optimization to give them a competitive edge, this e-commerce company was the subject of one of the largest ever acquisitions in online retail.

  • Data warehouse
  • Integrates procurement, sales and marketing, inventory, logistics, product development and other data into one data source
  • Powering over 100 Tableau users, satisfying the hunger for extracting meaning from corporate data
  • Replaced custom scripted solution that had been built in-house
  • Is an integral part of the company’s technology stack
  • Played a role in attracting the highest ever acquisition of an e-commerce business (2017)

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