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ProcessGold Improves Data Extract and Preparation To Accelerate Process Mining

It’s a frequent complaint in data science that 80% of the time is taken up with data preparation, rather than the actual analysis. ProcessGold, a process mining consultancy helping clients analyze and optimize business processes, used CloverDX to reverse the situation.

Up to 80% of ProcessGold’s project time was taken up extracting data on ‘digital footprints’ from a huge variety of sources - from financial transaction logs to SAP records - and readying it for operational use.

Not only was the data ingestion a challenge, but both ProcessGold and their clients were unable to see the details of the process they were analyzing. This didn’t sit well with ProcessGold’s motto of transparency.

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Reducing data prep time by 50%

With CloverDX, not only have they been able to reduce the extract and data prep time by more than 50%, but they are able to see the process on screen as a flow of components rather than trying to interpret and share long SQL scripts. For clients, who can often be putting sensitive information into the mining process, the transparency goes a long way to building trust.

Delivering results quickly

ProcessGold’s founder was surprised how easy it was to get to results with CloverDX. He commented:

"I found CloverDX while just surfing online one evening. I downloaded it, watched two or three tutorials on YouTube….by the next morning I had my first graphs finished. I was thrilled with how easily it worked.”

Rudolf Kuhn, Director and Founder, ProcessGold
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