Customer story

Data Integration Automation Recoups 6 Days of Work Per Month

This company’s phone bill was growing by 25% a year. No one in the organization knew why.

What they did know was that they didn’t really have any visibility over calls being made, and that invoices coming in from different phone providers in incompatible formats were taking staff 6 days every month to manually enter into spreadsheets and process.

And they knew it was costing them over $500,0000 a year.

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Consolidating formats for unified view

The first thing we did was to create a system to automatically consolidate all the invoice formats into one uniform structure. Automating this data process gave the company one centralized view of all call information. Now they can not only manage and analyse calls in a consolidated fashion, but also easily see phone expenses by project, department or person. On top of this, they not only recovered those 6 days of time but also eliminated the human error from the manual data entry.

Minimizing expenses

Now that they can audit all calls made across the business, the company can implement better phone policies and also reduce misuse. Having historical phone data that’s easy to analyse also means they can choose the most cost-effective phone provider to minimize expenses.

Now, their bills are under control and phone costs are down by almost 40%.

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