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Data Migration from Legacy Systems to ERP

Data Migration Case Study: Replacing Legacy Software

A data migration project to consolidate two legacy systems into a new ERP system for a financial and leasing provider saw data volumes reduced by 25%, processing speed increase by a third, and operating costs reduced by 42% annually.

The company had been running two AS400 and Dynamics NAV systems to manage business-critical data, but as data volumes grew to 27 million records, working with legacy systems was having an impact on efficiency and overhead.

Many records were included in both systems, requiring them to run simultaneously. There was a lot of redundant and duplicate data as well as compatibility issues between the various systems, platforms and databases. The company wanted to move to a new, modern SAP ERP system but needed help managing the data migration process.

Improving data quality

The first step in the process was to create a set of data quality tools to filter out old or duplicate data. Doing this reduced the data volume by 25% before the migration itself began. When we had the new cleansed data set, we enhanced it with supplemental information from both of the legacy systems, before re-transforming the data and loading it into the new ERP system.

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More efficient data processes

The migration successfully delivered the improved data into the new system, with minimal impact on business during the transition. Now that the company is working with the new ERP system, data processing speeds have drastically improved, meaning the organization can work much more efficiently. The transition has saved them a huge 42% on operating costs.

Following the data migration process, the company were able to offer improved customer service and attract more new business, all a result of better data quality and optimized operations.

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