4 ways CloverDX improves business users’ access to data without using extra IT resources

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As an IT leader, the thought of giving business users access to more data can feel daunting. But in today’s fast-moving world, it’s a critical part of empowering teams to make quick and informed decisions. And it's these decisions that reduce costs, improve productivity and create growth.

Historically, opening up access to data required extra IT resources. You (or your team) queries, filters, and analyzes data on behalf of the business user. This ensures the data is handled in a safe and compliant manner. It also takes a lot of time and resource your team could be putting to better use. And business users don’t love the bottleneck of coming through your team either.

Today, this no longer has to be the case. With CloverDX’s singular and centralized platform, you can open up access to data, while keeping it secure and reliable. And importantly, you can relieve the support burden on your team that comes from frequent, ad-hoc requests for data.

Here are four ways CloverDX improves your business users’ access to data without using extra IT resources.

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How CloverDX improves access to data

Data access refers to the ability to retrieve, view, or manipulate data stored in a database or other storage system. And with CloverDX, you can provide this access to business users without having to let go of control.

There are many ways CloverDX helps you do this:

1. It promotes and encourages self-service

Accessing and understanding data should be a simple self-serve process for business users. This requires a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to explore data, and design and execute data integration tasks. For example, basic data mapping, transformations, and aggregation.

CloverDX's Data Catalog empowers your business users to serve themselves with the data they need on their own. This frees up your team’s time to work on more valuable initiatives. Like, say, designing, automating, operating and publishing more data sources that inform those high-level business decisions.

CloverDX Data Catalog

Data sources available to explore in CloverDX Data Catalog

2. It gives users autonomy to conduct basic and repeatable data transformations

CloverDX Wrangler also allows business users to transform the data they've got, without your help. Users can create repeatable jobs for those tedious data transformation tasks. For example this could be checking for data errors or reordering columns. And they can do this without any support from your team.

Not only does this save your team time, but it also gives users the autonomy to practice manipulating and making use of the data available to them.

CloverDX Wrangler

Building a repeatable set of data transformation steps in CloverDX Wrangler

3. It helps you keep control of your data at the source

Once you’ve added source data to CloverDX’s Data Catalog, business users can search this catalog for the data they need. It gives them a curated index of high-quality and contextual data sources that they can manipulate without support.

Once they find what they’re looking for, they can save this data as a separate instance. They can add it to their workflows and conduct data transformations without impacting the source data.

The great thing about Data Catalog is it lets you keep control over all source data. This means no time wasted fixing errors made by business users.

4. It ensures you don’t compromise data governance

Human errors accounted for 21 percent of all data breaches in 2022, according to an IBM report. Unintentional data breaches are all too frequent, and in many cases, they lead to a variety of data compliance challenges. It’s why many IT teams often restrict access to data.

CloverDX allows your team to retain access control, so you don’t have to risk your data governance. With centralized management, you can open up access to data sources to whoever you want (and restrict access where you want too), while overseeing all data processes. This allows you to proactively monitor and shut down any potential data leaks or errors caused by negligent data handling.

One user-friendly platform for complete data democratization

With tools like Data Catalog and Wrangler, business users have the agency to self-serve their data needs. They can search for and explore data that helps them do their jobs, and perform the data transformations they need, all without any input from IT. These platform features also mean you keep control over your source data. So you reduce the risk of high-impact errors that lead to data governance challenges.

Watch the overview of the data democratization features in the latest version of CloverDX:

CloverDX brings all these benefits into one comprehensive platform. This means increased agility, improved productivity, and faster scalability. Providing open access to data gives business users the power to create stronger outcomes for the organization.

And for you, it means less time working as a service center, and more time working on strategic initiatives that contribute to growth.

To learn more about how CloverDX can improve your business users’ access to data without using extra IT resources, book a demo today.

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Posted on May 25, 2023
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