How CloverDX Helps FinTechs Integrate With Bigger Organizations

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Does your FinTech business struggle to integrate with larger organizations?

Unfortunately, it’s a problem that severely hinders the growth of FinTechs and can result in the slow development of new products, services, and business solutions.

This makes innovation painful and the time-to-market of anything new embarrassingly sluggish.

This is exacerbated by the broader data challenges in the FinTech sector, which include:

  • Large data volumes
  • Multiple data sources (often with poor data quality)
  • Sensitive data (GDPRCCPA and other regulations are stringent)

Overcoming these challenges so that your business can integrate with bigger organizations won’t be an overnight success story.

However, when you use tools like CloverDX, bridging the gap is within reach. Let’s explore how CloverDX helps.

Adapt and connect to any kind of source, and to any kind of target

The reality is, your business and technology systems will develop and change over time. Inevitably, this means you’ll want to integrate with new shiny technologies. And sometimes, you’ll have to connect with a bigger organization that (might) use a dated legacy system.

On top of this, you may already have data spread across operational data stores, SQL databases, and many other locations.

The important thing is that you can evolve your technology stack and business without worrying about how you’ll get data in and out of places. Fortunately, with CloverDX, you can connect anything and everything you need with ease. Then you can integrate with larger organizations.

Here’s one example of how we helped a FinTech business connect with a legacy banking system. Our work also helped them increase their confidence in their tech stack so they can seize more opportunities in their space.

Webinar - Bridging legacy banking and agile fintech with Choice Bank

Handle sensitive data intelligently

Your FinTech business needs to manage large volumes of sensitive data in the right way. When you increase the complexity by integrating with bigger organizations, you'll have to take every measure to get things right.

CloverDX supports this in multiple ways:

  • Intelligent automation. By automating your data architecture, you reduce the chance of human error and clean your data at scale.
  • Expert support. Handling sensitive data is often more about getting the right infrastructure and processes in place. Our experienced consultants will support you so your solution is completely right for your security needs.
  • Secure technology. Our platform is secure and has proven to be watertight for other FinTech businesses.

More than just a platform

Other platforms can leave you with a book of documentation and the email address of someone to get in touch with if you need help. Ultimately, these sorts of providers will only take you part of the way towards your goal.

Working with CloverDX is different. We combine a consultive support with our technology so that we completely invest in delivering the right solution for you. Our approach also ensures that you’ll get a solution that solves the entirety of your needs and automates from end-to-end.

Integrating with big organizations doesn’t have to be difficult

With a predicted annual growth from $128 billion in 2017 to $310 billion in 2022, the FinTech sector is growing rapidly.

To keep pace in this fast-moving sector, you need the freedom to integrate with other organizations.

That's where CloverDX comes in. Our tool gives you the power to innovate rapidly and reduce the time-to-market of your latest products and services. With CloverDX, you’ll solve the entirety of your complex problems, gain the benefits of full automation, and dramatically increase the productivity of your teams.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out for a chat today. Or, if you’d like to learn more about how we’ve helped FinTech businesses like yours, watch the webinar where CloverDX customer Choice Bank discusses how they've managed to bridge legacy banking and agile FinTech.

Webinar - Bridging legacy banking and agile fintech with Choice Bank

Posted on November 09, 2020
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