Product Support

You have access to the same, high quality level of CloverCARE from the moment you download a CloverDX trial until you become a customer and beyond. We strive to ensure that what you experience with CloverCARE is as far from a call‑centre experience as possible.

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CloverCARE Tech Support... More than tickets

Our technical support team has a deep understanding of the product and is tightly integrated with the consulting and development teams, so delivering properly qualified solutions is optimized for both time and quality.

We don’t outsource support to third parties and we don’t have unnecessary internal escalations.


Software Upgrades

As part of an active CloverCARE program, you have access to four major product releases each year. We also release several minor updates that address bugs and minor enhancements. CloverCARE also gives you access to preview versions of upcoming major feature updates, allowing you to test-drive new functionality before it is released and also influence the development process.


Enterprise Support Plan

We offer customized plans that can be precisely tailored to your needs all the way up to 24x7 telephone and screen share support with unlimited numbers of tickets.


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Support Levels

CloverDX offers two support levels to match your needs.
Standard and Plus plans come with the same support package, while Enhanced plan caters to the needs of more demanding enterprise customers.

  Standard & Plus plans Enhanced plan
Hours of operation 8:00 - 22:00 UTC 24/7
Targeted response time 2 business days Based on severity
Urgent 8 hours
High 24 hours
Normal & Low 48 hours
Targeted resolution time Best effort Based on severity
Urgent 48 hours
High, Normal, Low
Best effort
Custom code debugging CTL yes, Java no CTL yes, Java no
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Bugfixes (Retirement) 12 months from initial release 12 months from initial release
Support End Of Life 24 months from initial release 24 months from initial release
Gartner Peer Insights

Our experience with CloverDX has been a great one. They receive top stars on their service and support.

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