How CloverDX Can Help You Save Money On Your Data Management


The benefits of most enterprise software can be generally summarized as ‘increase your revenue’ or ‘save money’. Yet quite often you’re left wondering how true these claims actually are or what needs to happen to realize the value you were promised.

At times, being cautious and managing costs, especially costs that can otherwise fly under the radar, becomes the most important thing to focus on. With this post, we’re taking a look at how CloverDX can help you optimize the cost of managing data processes, save your business money, and help you do more with less.

Doing more with less resource

Minimize duplication of work

People repeating mundane tasks is a common efficiency killer and money sink. Many of these tasks can be automated or at least supported by tools to help people work faster, make them less likely to make mistakes or reduce the number of people required.

CloverDX is built on the principle of repeatability. So rather than starting from scratch every time, you create functional “prescriptions” that you can run repeatedly, potentially allowing for some variance in use (parameters) or data.

Build something once and you can make it available to other workloads, projects or teams across the organization, reducing the chances of multiple people across the business repeating the same tasks over and over again.  

Less need for expensive technical teams

The reusable component approach in CloverDX also helps minimize costs for expensive development teams. Highly technical users can create advanced components that hide complexity, then make them available to other, less technical, users to just implement into workflows.

Enabling less technical teams to do the bulk of the work means less highly-skilled resource is needed. And where those teams are used, they can be really adding value.

Reduce the cost and complexity of reporting

Especially in large enterprises or industries with complex data and stringent reporting requirements (such as Finance), CloverDX can help you simplify regulatory reporting.

Not only does a visual interface and automatic documentation help improve transparency, but by using one tool that works across business and IT teams, you get a single point of control for your data processes. Which also means standardized processes and definitions, and less need to source Excel experts to translate data when it comes to reporting.

And of course, when creating and maintaining auditable data pipelines is easier, your data process and report are more trustworthy and repeatable, limiting your regulatory risk.

How one financial institution improved speed and accuracy of reporting without increased overhead

Purely script-based approaches can be difficult and expensive to maintain

Of course it’s possible to build your data processes out completely in code, and this can be a very effective way of working. But that’s often only true up to a certain point.

When your data volumes or sources increase, workflows get messy. It often takes people who are experts in your particular code to manage and maintain these pipelines effectively. And of course, these people are expensive. (Not to mention the business risk when the details of your data processes are all in one person’s head).

The combination of a visual interface plus the ability to code gives you the best of both worlds. The flexibility to code wherever you need, but the ease of understanding, and easier maintenance, when the code is presented as components in a flow. Detailed error messages and audit logs also make troubleshooting more efficient.

Delivering better results, faster

See results of business transformation projects more quickly

When you’re implementing new initiatives to save costs or increase revenue, you don’t want them to be held up waiting for large, slow-moving IT departments. When budgets are stretched, it’s even more important to deliver results quickly.

CloverDX enables you to more easily connect to data sources; transform data so it’s ready to use; and deliver it where you need – without waiting for lengthy IT implementation processes.

And because everything is repeatable, it’s easy to adjust and rerun jobs with a minimum of effort – getting you to meaningful insights faster. 

Better data quality means better business decisions

When you’re making decisions about your business, it’s crucial that you’re making them based on accurate, reliable data. CloverDX enables you to build data quality measures into all your data processes – from validating and profiling data at the point of entry to automated processes to handle bad data so it doesn’t derail your workflows.

And automating as many of your data quality measures as possible means less need for human intervention, often leading to large cost savings.

Automation = efficiency

Manual effort generally means two things – neither of which are good if you’re trying to control costs:

  • Unnecessary, and often repetitive, work
  • Increased errors, which you then need to spend time (and more effort) fixing

Another of CloverDX’s founding principles is to make it easier for you to automate as many of your data processes as possible so you increase productivity without having to increase headcount.

 For example, you can:

  • Schedule data jobs to run automatically
  • Or trigger workflows by a variety of events
  • Use APIs to integrate data workloads with any application
  • Trigger processes via a web interface (perfect for business users to request data without needing technical knowledge)
  • Automatically detect and filter out errors
  • Automate the entire error-handling process – fixing data automatically or sending to data owners for review; through to reinserting corrected data back into the workflow

All of which keeps your data pipelines flowing without the need for more resource, giving you timely, accurate data.

A long-term, cost-effective data solution

Scale as you grow – without being penalized for success

As your business grows you’ll have more data to work with, both in terms of volume and likely in the number of data sources you want to bring together.

CloverDX doesn’t charge based on number of connections or on volume, but instead gives you a predictable TCO where you can deploy any number of jobs and work with any amount of data.

It’s also simple to scale up by adding more CPU cores – which also means that if you do need higher availability, you don’t have to discard what you already have and start over, you just expand your existing solution.

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Posted on March 30, 2020
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