Data Management for Digital Transformation

Deliver change faster

Get your data where you need it, so you can innovate quickly

Implement change fast 

See results and get business insights fast. CloverDX makes connecting to and consolidating data sources easier, without lengthy IT processes. Iterate more quickly with repeatable, scalable CloverDX data workflows.

Use your data to power your digital transformation 

Seeing your data consolidated means seeing it in a new light. But getting there often requires large scale data migrations or complex data integrations. CloverDX handles any data source or format, at any scale, and brings it together so you get new insights into your business.

As flexible as your innovation needs

Work with your data regardless of where it’s stored. Deploy CloverDX on-premise or in cloud, and add data sources or scale to work with larger data volumes easily as your business grows – giving you a long-term, cost-effective solution.

Move on from legacy system roadblocks

Legacy systems often hold innovation back. CloverDX helps you manage large scale data migrations from legacy systems with an iterative, agile approach, eliminating manual effort so you can focus on business impact.

Case studies

  • Complex data migrations to Workday 

One of the world's leading consultancies uses CloverDX to help customers migrate HR data to Workday.

The original process involved a large number of Excel spreadsheeets, manual validation and multiple data loads. 

But now with the CloverDX solution, the data is read, validated and loaded automatically, with a complex sequence of Workday web services called in order to create the new HR profiles, and reports of any load errors created automatically.

This approach shortened migration times from months to weeks while also ensuring higher quality of the migrated data, enabling the consultancy to move organizations to a modern, cloud-based system more easily.  

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