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CloverDX is a versatile platform that fits demanding scenarios where administrators and developers require flexibility, productivity and full control over their solution.


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Global consulting company accelerating Workday implementations

A global consulting and systems integrator needed to accelerate onboarding legacy client data during Workday implementations. We’ve helped them build an “accelerator framework” – a reusable set of tools making their consultants get data into Workday 3-4x times faster. Read more


Leading banking group simplifies critical IT process through automation

A leading banking group with more than 6,000 different internal systems, was struggling to manage user access permissions, which is a critical part for keeping its systems secure and compliant. Read more


A G-SIB banks adopts an innovative data strategy to accelerate regulatory reporting

A CloverDX-powered solution brings previously scattered and unmanageable sprawl of data initiatives under a single methodology and operational platform that empowers data owners to control their data and work directly with IT. Read more