Faster, repeatable data migrations

Onboard more clients by reducing repetitive work and increasing efficiency

Deliver more data projects for more clients – and deliver them faster 

Eliminate repetitive manual work by creating repeatable frameworks that enable you to deliver faster, even with legacy data or large data volumes. Not only does it save you time and money, but makes predicting timelines and budgets far easier. 

Less expensive development resource 

You want your consultants to be working on billable project time. And you don't want to pay expensive development teams to build projects from scratch every time. 

A reusable framework hides complexity so consultants can do more of the project-specific work themselves. For your firm it means lower costs, and for your clients it means a better, more direct service.  

Legacy data, complex data and more – migrate it with ease 

CloverDX’s out-of-the-box components, plus the ability to code whatever else you need on top, means you can tackle any scenario. 

Connect to any data source and target, and manage even complex data transformations easily. 

Case studies

  • Workday data migrations 10x faster

We’ve worked with several leading consultancies that specialize in migrating data to Workday from various other HCM (Human Capital Management) platforms. Previously, for the consultancies to deliver similar projects for multiple clients had meant recreating workflows from scratch every time.

But with CloverDX they were able to build automated solutions to deploy again and again. Automating everything from data ingest from the input source, data validation, transformations and calling the Workday API to send all data to the application, what once took 6-9 months now takes only one month.  

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  • Salesforce onboarding from hours to minutes  

A leading wealth management firm needed to onboard clients to a Salesforce-based portal, and integrate with other financial institutions to get a 360 degree customer view. 

But their script-based approach was hard to scale, hard to maintain and was causing errors and timeouts in loading data. The solution that they’ve built with CloverDX however is able to account for a number of Salesforce exceptions and so limits the number of errors. This has transformed the organization to allow them to quickly add any data feed to Salesforce and is no longer a barrier to on-boarding new clients. 


  • Data processing for large scale audit
One of the world's largest consulting firms manages a client platform that shares insights on financial and business operations. With CloverDX handling the data processing part, they can ingest data of all sizes and structures and and continually service their clients globally. 


  • Large scale data migration to AWS 
A consultancy which works with government data needed to migrate over 1PB of sensitive data from on-premise data stores to AWS. The source data was continuing to grow as the migration happened, so the solution needed to be built with scale in mind. The solution built on CloverDX addressed this challenge from the start, and the result was a powerful migration platform that could easily scale.  
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