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    We started in data integration back in 2002 (company Javlin and product CloverETL), and have since grown into a team of over 100 people, with regional headquarters in Washington D.C., London and Prague, consolidated into CloverDX.

    As a privately owned business that has been profitable for over 10 years, we started out with a single minded focus: to help companies create victories when faced with complex data challenges. This remains a key part of our DNA to this day.

  • In fact, nothing gives us more satisfaction than solving complex data integration challenges and seeing our customers create their victories using CloverDX. Our product has evolved through the experiences gained by our own consultants solving tough, real world problems. We encounter new scenarios all the time, and so the need to continuously improve the product is never-ending.

  • But we don’t stop at just delivering a great product. Whereas many of our competitors offer limited or online community support, we believe our customers should be able to pick up the phone, speak to a real in-house expert, and get the right help they need when they need it. And, if you should ever require a data team to work directly and rapidly on your problem, we will send them in.

    We’re proud of our track record of never having let a customer fail. This is because every member of our team genuinely cares about your success.

Why CloverDX

The CloverDX Data Experience is what sets us apart – this is our ability to differentiate ourselves from competitors, based on the quality of our products in harmony with outstanding levels of service. By going the extra mile, we make things happen and respond quickly to requests, never taking our customers for granted. We believe the combination of our people and technology delivers superior results.

CloverDX Data Experience

Team & Career

We are first and foremost a team of technical people, dedicating to creating a great data experience for our customers. Together we represent the software developers, data integration consultants, support specialists, engineers and architects who deliver one of the most trusted data integration platforms available, combined with outstanding levels of support and service. We are always looking for straight talking, talented people to join our crusade, to help companies dominate their data.

Opportunities at CloverDX


  • David Pavlis

    President & CEO

  • Michal Tomcanyi

    Vice President & CTO

  • Alex Donnelly

    Vice President, Sales

  • Jiri Vojtek

    Vice President, Operations & Services

  • Angie Piparo

    Vice President, Global Operations