Get more value from your Salesforce data

Salesforce is known for its extensive ecosystem of native and community integrations and broad support from modern applications. However, in cases when a connector is not readily available or when you’re dealing with complex data movements, data quality issues, or large volumes of data, more advanced tooling comes in handy.

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How CloverDX and the power of automation can help


Easily integrate large data volumes

CloverDX offers robust and well-tuned connectors based on the Salesforce Bulk API – a preferred method for large volumes of data (up to 15 GB per load or 100 million records in 24 hours).

With our single, easy-to-use component, you don’t need to worry about the intricacies of the Bulk API, managing connections, retries in cases of failures, etc.

While SOQL queries are somewhat limited in this case, the tradeoff is volume and performance.



Quickly run ad-hoc queries

CloverDX also supports the Salesforce SOAP API, a counterpart to Bulk API designed for quick, frequent queries with low volumes of records (dozens to hundreds). Use this approach for complex queries and low latency use cases, e.g. if you want to perform quick, ad hoc lookups.

The full complement of SOQL features is supported.



Automate loads with referential integrity


CloverDX makes it easy to set up a full chain of interdependent Salesforce data loads. This is often painful when using simple data loaders and imports. You import one object but then you need to match the newly assigned Salesforce IDs to the dependent data set.

CloverDX handles this pairing automatically, so that you can setup a single job that reliably loads multiple objects at once.

Specs & Requirements

  • Requires CloverDX 4.0 or higher

  • Salesforce account with enough API limit (for Bulk API, each load takes 7 call, for SOAP API, each query takes 1 API call)

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