Licensing & Pricing

Be flexible


A pool of pre-purchased units that you can allocate to either Designer seats or Server cores. As your needs evolve, you can reallocate your existing units or purchase additional ones.

Choose unit licensing if you need flexibility in sharing resources among multiple use cases, team or budgets.

  • 8
    4 Designer Seats
    1 Server with 4 Cores
  • 32
    10 Designer Seats
    4 Server with 4 Cores
    1 Server with 6 Cores
  • 1
    1 Designer Seat
  • 4
    1 Server with 4 Cores
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Use cases for DX Unit licensing

  • Low buy-in, opex
  • Elastic usage among multiple initiatives or departments
  • Well suited for cloud/containerized and scalable deployments
  • Teams that grow and shrink as projects change
  • Transparent split and sharing of allocated resources and cost


  • 1 DX Unit can be allocated either as 1 Designer seat or 2 Server cores (1 production + 1 non-prod)
  • Paid annually
  • You can purchase additional units at any time
  • You can reallocate spent units at any time via our support team
  • CloverCARE support is included in every unit

Pay once


One-time investment that gives you a lifetime license. Perpetual licenses can be transferred from person to person but must be obtained separately for Designer and Server.

Choose perpetual licensing if you are looking for fixed cost, single project investment.

1 Designer Seat
1 Server (fixed cores)
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Use cases for Perpetual licensing

  • Dedicated budget (typically in a single department)
  • No need to scale up or down
  • Dedicated
  • Predictable workloads and teams


  • One-time license purchase of Designer seat or Server instance (at agreed # of cores)
  • Annual CloverCARE maintenance fee covers technical support and upgrades
Easy to scale
Unlimited Server users (Designers sold separately)
Deploy any number of jobs (and any volume of data)
Predictable TCO

What You’re Getting

CloverDX Data Management Platform consists of several modules that you can scale to your needs:

CloverDX Designer

Visual IDE for Data Jobs

For developers to prototype, design, debug and test data transformations and jobflows. Designer connects to Server to deploy and monitor jobs.

Designer can be purchased and used as a standalone product for manually executing data transformations.

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CloverDX Server

Enterprise Runtime Platform

For admins and operations teams to deploy, schedule, automate and monitor data jobs at scale, and to publish data endpoints.

Server scales simply with CPU cores. Multiple instances can be linked into a multi-node cluster for high availability.

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Tech Support

We care about our customers being successful. We mean it. Don’t take our word for it, reach out to us during trials as if you were our customer.

CloverCARE gives you access to our technical support, regular product updates and bug fixes.

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