CloverDX Designer not starting correctly - Java 7 Is Required

With the release of CloverDX 4.0, we switched the minimum requirements to Java 7 or higher. If for whatever reason, you’re using an older version, it can cause CloverDX Designer not starting correctly. You might end up with a strange, empty screen when running Designer.

CloverETL Designer not starting - Empty screen when running Clover with old version of Java.

If your Designer window looks like the above image after starting up, with only the Resources perspective (upper right) and empty Project Explorer and Outline, you’re most likely using an older version of Java (Java 6 or even less), which is no longer supported.

To verify that this is the cause, please go to Help > About, and then click the small button reading “Installation Details”

CloverETL Designer not starting - Fixing the issue with CloverETL Designer not starting.

Then, switch to the “Configuration” tab. Wait a few seconds, and then search for “java.runtime.version” - if it says anything less than 1.7, CloverDX won't be able to start up.

CloverETL Designer not starting - Fixing the issue with CloverETL Designer not starting.

This issue occurs mostly on Linux where CloverDX Designer does not come bundled with its own Java Runtime Environment, as it does on Windows and Mac, thus solely relying on system-wide installation of Java.

The Solution (Linux)

To fix the situation, you will need to install Java 7 or newer. You don’t need to replace your system Java if you have a reason (e.g. another application is dependent on this older version). Just make sure that you properly set JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables when starting the CloverDX Designer executable.
export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/java7
export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/java7/bin

Do not confuse the Java version that Designer is running on and the Java that Designer uses internally to run ETL jobs. The configuration under Window > Preferences > Java will NOT solve the problem; you need to switch Java before starting Designer, not inside it.

Posted on November 22, 2014
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