50 FinTech Twitter Insiders You Should Be Following


The FinTech space is fast-moving. If you're not following the right people, it can be hard to keep up with the conversation.

But, if you look in the right places, you'll find a group of people who hold a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm.

With a $4.7 trillion valuation from Goldman Sachs to the FinTech industry, Twitter is a crucial place to find relevant business insights that will keep your business competitive in a thriving scene.

So, with that in mind, we created a list of the 50 top Twitter accounts you should be following in the FinTech sector to keep up to speed.

Let's take a look.

1. Mike Quindazzi

Twitter username: @MikeQuindazzi

Recognised by Onalytica as a top ten influencer for FinTech, Mike's work as a keynote speaker on the global megatrends and emerging technologies for the sector is well followed.

2. Chris Gledhill

Twitter username: @cgledhill

With 75K followers on Twitter alone, this London-based FinTech influencer specialises in disruptive technology, financial innovation and inclusion.

3. Laura Shin

Twitter username: @laurashin

A business journalist and contributor at Forbes, her Twitter channel of over 120K followers is full of top insights.

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4. Andreas Staub

Twitter username: @andi_staub

Andreas informs his 50K+ Twitter followers on FinTech and innovation news and insights.

5. Jim Marous

Twitter username: @JimMarous

With a focus on banking, Jim is one of the most widely acknowledged FinTech experts and influencers.

6. Spiros Margaris

Twitter username: @SpirosMargaris

Having been announced as the Global No.1 FinTech influencer of 2020 for the 3rd year in a row, it's no surprise to see that he has over 100K followers on his Twitter account alone.

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7. Pavel Durov

Twitter username: @durov

As the founder and CEO at Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service, Pavel certainly has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the FinTech news he shares with his 1.3M followers on Twitter.

8. Theodora Lau

Twitter username: @psb_dc

Named the No.1 female influencer of 2020 within the FinTech scene, she keeps her nearly 50k followers on Twitter updated with trending FinTech news.

9. Tiffany Hayden

Twitter username: @haydentiff

Tiffany tweets links to her own thoughts on the state of the FinTech industry, as well as those of other influencers in the FinTech space.

10. Vitalik Buterin

Twitter username: @VitalikButerin

As the co-founder of Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin, Vitalik has a lot to say to his 960K Twitter followers on the topic of FinTech.

11. Steve McLaughlin

Twitter username: @FTPartners

Steve shares an abundance of FinTech insights on his Twitter channel. In addition, you'll find links to the occasional Financial Technology Partners (FTP) trend reports, an organization he founded.

12. Liz Lumley

Twitter username: @LizLum

With over twenty years of experience working in the FinTech sector, Liz made a name for herself as an internationally recognised FinTech speaker.

13. Brett King

Twitter username: @BrettKing

Brett is a New York-based author, speaker and host of a FinTech radio show called Breaking Banks. He was also an advisor to the Obama administration on the future of banking.

14. Anne Boden

Twitter username: @AnneBoden

As the founder of Starling Bank, Anne has made a name for herself as one of the most prominent figures in FinTech.

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15. David Doughty

Twitter username: @daviddoughty

David works with company directors to help them be more effective through a 'board evaluation 360' technique involving strategy, vision, mission and values workshops. He's a solid, trusted voice on FinTech topics and boasts 65.8K followers on Twitter and counting.

16. Bradley Leimer

Twitter username: @leimer

As the head of innovation and FinTech strategy at Santander, Bradley has made a name for himself as a thought leader in the digital banking space.

17. Florian Graillot

Twitter username: @FGraillot

Florian is a partner and co-founder of astorya.vc, a VC fund investing in early-stage, insurance startups all over Europe.

18. Dr Robin Keira

Twitter username: @stratorob

Included on SDK.finance's list of the top FinTech influencers in Europe for 2020, he informs his followers on Twitter of news and insights across the FinTech industry.

19. Nazir Zubairi

Twitter username: @naszub

Nasir is CEO of the LHoFT - The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, a public sector initiative to drive FinTech innovation.

20. Christopher Langlois

Twitter username: @Visible_Banking

Based in London, Christopher has built a reputation as a trusted FinTech speaker, commentator and writer.

21. Devie Mohan

Twitter username: @devie_mohan

Devie is a global top ten FinTech influencer and keynote speaker on FinTech innovation. She's also the founder of burnmark, a FinTech research and data company.

22. Chris Skinner

Twitter username: @Chris_Skinner

A FinTech writer, commentator and keynote speaker, Chris uses his 50K platform on Twitter to share his views on shaping the future of financial services.

23. Sebastien Meunier

Twitter username: @sbmeunier

Sebastien is a New York-based commentator on financial innovation, cybersecurity and privacy. Having only joined Twitter in 2015, he's certainly made his mark with over 50K followers.

24. Huy Nguyen Trieu

Twitter username: @Huynguyentrieu

Although he's not as well-known as the others on the list, Huy is well worth a follow. He's currently the CEO of The Disruptive Group and co-founder of CFTE (Centre for Finance, Tech and Entrepreneurship).

25. Anna Irrera

Twitter username: @annairrera

A FinTech correspondent for Reuters, Anna has a lot to say to her 25K followers on Twitter on incoming industry news.

26. David M. Brear

Twitter username: @davidbrear

David is the CEO of 11:FS, a successful consultancy agency for banks and financial institutions around the world.

27. Ruth Wandhofer

Twitter username: @RWandhofer

Ruth is an expert in the field of banking and an authority on banking regulation and innovation matters.

28. Ghela Boskovich

Twitter username: @GhelaBoskovich

A self-proclaimed 'FinTech fanatic', Ghela is the founder of FemTechGlobal, a network dedicated to improving the inclusiveness and diversity to the industry. Well worth a follow.

29. Duena Blomstrom

Twitter username: @DuenaBlomstrom

Duena is a FinTech specialist, public speaker and the creator of emotional banking.

30. Xavier Gomez

Twitter username: @Xbond49

Xavier is a thought leader and speaker on FinTech innovations, as well as the co-founder and COO of INVYO, a SAAS company that uses machine learning to innovate financial institutions.

31. Charlotte Croswell

Twitter username: @ccrosswell

On this Twitter account you'll find regular tweets on FinTech, innovation and diversity. Charlotte is CEO of Innovate Finance, the UK FinTech industry body.

32. Nick Bilodeau

Twitter username: @FinMKTG

A top influencer on Twitter for FinTech, Nick is passionate about strategy, innovation and marketing.

33. Alex Jimenez

Twitter username: @RAlexJimenez

Chief Strategy Officer at Extractable, a digital strategy and data analytics company, Alex regularly discusses FinTech and the impact of the digital transformation wave.

34. Urs Bolt

Twitter username: @UrsBolt

A seasoned commentator on financial technology businesses, Urs is consistently ranked as a top FinTech influencer.

35. Jay Palter

Twitter username: @jaypalter

Jay uses his knowledge and experience in social media to amplify the visibility of FinTech businesses online.

36. Efi Pylarinou

Twitter username: @efipm

A thought leader and top Onalytica finance influencer, Efi uses her voice and data-driven focus to spread the power of FinTech.

37. Ronald Van Loon

Twitter username: @Ronald_vanLoon

A top influencer who helps data driven companies generate value in FinTech.

38. Scarlett Sieber

Twitter username: @ScarlettSieber

A contributor at Forbes, Scarlett is passionate about spreading the word on FinTech to her 33K followers on Twitter.

39. Bill Sullivan

Twitter username: @WFSULLIVAN3

A thought leader in global financial services, Bill regularly updates his followers on the state of play in FinTech.

40. Simon Taylor

Twitter username: @sytaylor

A self-confessed FinTech geek, Simon discusses top FinTech news and trends on his Twitter channel.

41. JP Nicols

Twitter username: @JPNicols

As a FinTech advisor, writer and speaker, JP regularly shares blogs and news articles from the industry.

42. Michael Kitces

Twitter username: @MichaelKitces

Another self-proclaimed 'FinTech nerd', Michael shares his perspective on the finance world with his 60K + Twitter followers.

43. Damien Cabadi

Twitter username: @Damien_CABADI

An experienced financial executive who shares his entrepreneurial and FinTech views with his 46K+ Twitter following.

44. Bryan Clagett

Twitter username: @Claget

FinTech speaker and advisor who regularly shares relevant content on his Twitter platform.

45. Ian Kar

Twitter username: @iankar_

Founder of Fintech today, a subscription research firm focused on FinTech, Ian keeps his finger on the pulse of financial tech innovations.

46. Helene Li

Twitter username: @helene_wpli

Helene is a top FinTech influencer and a JPMorgan and BNP Paribas alum. She shares plenty of brilliant news and insights with her 30K Twitter platform.

47. Amit Goel

Twitter username: @amitTwitr

Amit is the founder of goMEDICI.com, a FinTech data and insights platform.

48. April Rudin

Twitter username: @TheRudinGroup

A writer, speaker and blogger, April provides a regular source of commentary on FinTech.

49. Nicolas Pinto

Twitter username: @Nicolas2Pinto

Coming from the marketing side of the coin, Nicolas discusses FinTech and BigData on his Twitter platform.

50. Susanne Chishti

Twitter username: @SusanneChishti

A CEO, investor and NED within the FinTech sector, Susanne treats her 18K followers on Twitter to regular news and insights from the industry.

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Posted on November 12, 2020
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