20 FinTech Data And Technology Blogs You Need To Read


With a predicted annual growth rate of 25 percent, the FinTech sector is moving quickly.

That means if you don’t stay informed, you could miss out on the key insights that your business needs to stay relevant.

To help businesses like yours keep pace, we’ve assembled a list of the twenty best blogs in the FinTech space. Think of this as a one-stop-shop directory for all the blogs your business needs to follow if it wants to stay competitive.

Let’s begin.

1. Finextra

With a wide coverage of all things FinTech, this blog is a great source for getting your news and business insights. Also, there’s an active community in the blog group – it’s a good place to join discussions and get your questions answered.

2. Daily FinTech

This blog is perfect for staying on top of everything newsworthy in FinTech. Often, they post multiple times a day, so there’s always a steady stream of content to sink your teeth into.

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If you’re looking for a blog that covers a broader area of business and tech, this might be for you. As well as FinTech content, this blog dips into ecommerce and news stories from other business sectors.

4. The FinTech Times

This is the first newspaper solely dedicated to FinTech. You’ll also get a variety of media content here. There are whitepapers, reports, book reviews, and more. This is a great blog for high-level coverage of the sector.

5. Visual Capitalist

If you’re a visual learner, this blog is for you. Every article comes with a colourful and informative chart/infographic/diagram. We highly recommend this blog, and it stands out for doing things a little differently.

6. Finovate

As well as many articles on FinTech, this blog also has a good archive of videos full of insights on the FinTech sector. Mostly, these cover conferences held by Finovate in Germany.

7. Tech Bullion

This blog relies heavily on interviews with FinTech experts. That makes it great for a look ‘behind the curtain’ at a variety of FinTech firms. There’s interview with CEOs, cyber-crime experts, and more. It’s another blog we highly recommend.

8. FinTech Weekly

We’re a fan of the uncomplicated layout and design of this website. It makes keeping up with FinTech news a little easier and is perfect for a quick read.

9. IBM RegTech Innovations blog

As you might expect, IBM has its own interests in the world of FinTech. This blog is full of well-written (albeit fairly dense) articles. It’s a must-read for any business with interests in the IBM ecosystem.

10. Bank Innovation

This blog covers everything from customer experience to automation. And, for those who like to listen to podcasts on their commute, there’s a nice selection of podcasts here too.

11. The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand is a good starting place for FinTech content if you’re less familiar with the sector. They’ve also got some compelling webinars., one of which covers strategies for succeeding in a ‘post-covid-19’ FinTech world.

12. TechCrunch FinTech

TechCrunch is practically a household name these days, and this is their dedicated FinTech blog. As you’d expect from TechCrunch, there’s a high quality of writing here.

13. Wharton FinTech

The strap line for this blog says it all:

‘Connecting innovators, academics, and investors with the ideas and companies that are reinventing global financial services.’

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14. FinTech News Singapore

If your organization is based in Asia, or has Asian interests, this blog will be of interest. It’s full of well-written articles that specialise in Asian FinTech news, as well as sector-wide insights.

15. Payments Cards and Mobile

This one’s a little more niche; but, if your business specialises in payments and mobile, it’s a must-read. There’s plenty of content here as well. With articles, webinars, and buyers’ guides – there’s lots to explore.

16. Disruptive Finance

For articles with a more personal touch, Disruptive Finance is a great read. It also covers some great thought-provoking questions, including a blog titled 'What will be the most successful bank in a FinTech world?'

17. Coindesk

Coindesk is vital reading for those working with crypto currencies. With regular blog posts, and consistent updates on crypto trading prices, you’ll have your finger on the pulse if you follow this blog.

18. DigFin

This is another website that’s well-designed, which makes reading up on FinTech news here a delight. There’s also a friendly ‘glossary’ section, so you can shamelessly read up on topics that are unfamiliar to you.

19. FinTech Business

This blog gets the basics right. It’s well designed and it’s got plenty of articles on data, currency, and technology.

20. Hot Accelerator

The standout feature of this blog is its selection of webinars. There is an interesting series called: ‘FinTech renaissance: business challenges and opportunities in a post-covid world’. This blog is definitely worth exploring.

Driving FinTech progress through data dominance

Be sure to check out these blogs to stay in tune with the dynamic FinTech world.

They’ll help you keep track of the rapidly developing technologies that could make or break your business, such as big data, AI and cyber defences.

Ultimately, reading around these data-driven technologies will help you champion them in your own organization, too. And, if you choose to adopt modern data solutions, you could end up enjoying many advantages, such as automated data ingestion and faster onboarding.

If you’d like to learn more about how your FinTech business can dominate its data and unlock a competitive advantage, reach out for a chat with one of our team today. Or, check out our recent webinar where we talked with Choice Bank about how CloverDX helped them integrate with legacy banking.

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Posted on September 10, 2020
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