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new subscription tiers

May 2022 saw some changes to CloverDX licensing, with the introduction of 3 new subscription tiers designed to give you the level of support you need at every stage in your CloverDX journey, and to enable us to offer more of the things we know make a difference in your success.

So, what’s new with CloverDX pricing?

You can see the full details over on our licensing and pricing page, but the high-level view is that we now offer 3 tiers of CloverDX subscription – Standard, Plus and Enhanced. CloverDX has always been as much about helping and supporting customers as it is about the product, and it’s in that spirit that we’ve introduced these new plans.

We didn’t want to limit product features for a basic subscription – instead we wanted to offer more of that help and support that we know customers value – in the form of easily accessible professional services.

The different tiers mean you can now choose from different levels of help and support, with higher tiers giving you quicker time-to-value through additional services, training and guaranteed faster response.

Why the change? 

When we talked to our customers, we realized that one of the things people really value is having help when they need it. And not just for large consulting projects, but for the ad-hoc, smaller, short-term things. Being able to pick up the phone and ask an expert how to build something or how to address a tricky problem is incredibly useful when it comes to achieving goals quickly and keeping projects on track.

We wanted a convenient way to bundle set amounts of these services into a plan, making it easier for customers to get guaranteed access to people when they need it.

And we also wanted to encourage all our customers to make use of these professional services hours, so by making it something that’s included in your plan we hope it will encourage people to try it out and see just how some experienced advice can help.

“The flexibility of CloverDX is one of its strengths,” says Adam Farnik, CloverDX Global Director of Services. “But there’s often 10 different ways to achieve the same goal, and we found that even quite technical teams like being able to get in touch and ask us ‘What’s the smartest way to do this?’ or even just to have a sounding board to check whether the way they’re thinking of doing something is the best direction.”

Including these hours in a subscription plan is designed to give customers more of what they really value – peace of mind; and the help you need, when you need it, at every stage.

What do the CloverDX subscription tiers include?

You can check out and compare the available pricing plans under CloverDX Plans.

CloverDX Enhanced tier

The Enhanced tier gives you the fastest support, the quickest time-to-value, and the most help throughout your CloverDX experience – from getting up and running to having someone at the end of the phone when you have a tricky question.

You get full access to all the CloverDX product features of course, but the main advantages of the Enhanced plan come in support, professional services, and training, where you’ll get the reassurance of extra resource available on tap when you need it.

Enhanced Support

Get the security of having 24/7 support availability, with a guaranteed response time of 8 hours for urgent requests. (In reality, you’ll often get an answer much more quickly than that). The support team is available via the CloverDX Customer Portal or via email – and you’ll always be talking to an experienced, in-house CloverDX expert who’ll help you solve your issue and get you back on track quickly.

Professional Services

CloverDX Professional Services are built into our Enhanced and Plus tiers. They give you a pool of hours that you can easily use to access the CloverDX data engineering team. Use them for anything from ad-hoc questions to bite-sized projects – things like removing a roadblock, getting help in accelerating a tricky part of a projects, or just a code review to give you the reassurance you’re on track or to steer you in the right direction.


On top of full access to the CloverDX Academy, with all the self-paced online training courses that you and your team can use at any time, Enhanced plans also come with a number of credits for instructor-led training, where you’ll get live sessions to help you through the lessons, give you feedback and answer questions.

This not only gives you a head start to get on the right track, but also enables your team to grow and change over time and keep their expertise up to date.

And with the Enhanced tier, you’ll get access to tailored training. So if there’s a specific use case or feature you want to master, or you just want to dive deeply into something, we’ll work with you to build bespoke training programs.

Non-production Server cores

You’ll also get additional non-production Server cores for every licensed production Server core, so you can shadow your production environment with non-production instances without adding more units.

  • Enhanced Support
    • 24/7 availability
    • Guaranteed 8 hour response for urgent tickets
  • 8 hours of Professional Services per unit per year
  • 2 credits per year for instructor-led training
  • Access to bespoke training
  • Non-production Server instances as needed

CloverDX Plus tier

You can check out and compare the available plans under CloverDX Plans.

The Plus tier is ideal if you don’t necessarily need 24/7 support or bespoke training, but still want some extra support to get set up in the best way, and ongoing advice and extra resource to achieve your goals quickly.

  • Standard Support
    • Business hours: 8am - 10pm GMT
    • Guaranteed 2 business days response
  • 4 hours of Professional Services per unit per year
  • 1 credit per year for instructor-led training
  • 2 non-production Server cores per unit

CloverDX Standard tier

You can check out and compare the available plans under CloverDX Plans.

If you’re happy to get set up and work on your own, and don’t necessarily need personal training or professional services on tap, then the Standard tier gives you all the same product features and scalability options as the higher tiers.

  • Standard Support
    • Business hours: 8am - 10pm GMT
    • Guaranteed 2 business days response
  • 1 non-production Server core per unit

The CloverDX licensing model – DX Units

CloverDX is sold in DX Units, or DXUs. You buy a number of DXUs, and then you choose whether you want to allocate them to Designer seats or Server cores.

The good thing about the DXU model is that it gives you flexibility to change your setup as your needs change – reallocate your Designer seats across different projects or teams, or add Server cores as you need more capacity. And it’s always easy to buy extra units whenever you need.

Depending on the tier you choose, your units also give you access to additional services and benefits such as training credits and professional services hours so your team can work as effectively as possible.

Regardless of tier, we want all our customers to take full advantage of the whole CloverDX platform, not work around limitations. Which is why all the subscription plans come with equal access to all product features and scalability options.

Commitment to customer success

We hear from customers all the time that one of the reasons they chose CloverDX over other solutions was the fact that they feel like they have a partner by their side.

We want to be the partner that goes beyond just the platform and technology, but is also there for advice on best practices, strategy, and to help you build things in the most efficient way, so you can grow more easily and continue to get value for the long term.

“Being a small, focused company, we're built to treat customers individually” says CloverDX Global Director of Services Adam Farnik. “But that’s the way we – and our customers – like it. It means we can move faster to help customers, we can be responsive and agile, and do things larger corporations might not be able to do quickly. And we’re proud that our support and services are real CloverDX people at the end of the phone – we’re not going to ship you off to some giant call center that doesn’t know you or understand your problem.”

“That’s the spirit we wanted to continue with the launch of our new subscription tiers. We’ll be there for you however you need, and give you the flexibility to upgrade the relationship whenever you want, getting the level of support that’s right for you at the right time.”

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

 We reached out to CloverDX to see if they could give us a hand. We thought it was something where we’d just get some consulting time – we didn’t even know what the options were. And then when we talked to them, it developed into a wonderful relationship where we rely on them a lot – not only from the software side but on the services side, they have some great engineers that have really helped us mold and formulate where we’re going, with not only the product but they’ve helped us out of some real sticky situations with customer delivery and very impacted schedules” - Formula 3 Group

"The consultation services were fantastic. They provided technically capable engineers and were creative with ensuring they meet the strict criteria the company had with working with data." - Senior Director of Product Engineering (Gartner Peer Insights review)

“...knowledge of the dev teams is very very impressive, especially as our use cases have been challenging and not the usual.” – Consultant, IT Services (Gartner Peer Insights review)

“"Always the best support. Responsive, timely, accurate, helpful. Always providing a little extra information or explanation that helps me be a better developer.” – Financial Services consultant

 “Support is great (immediate response of advanced specialists)” – Head of Application Development, Financial Industry (Gartner Peer Insights review)

 Questions about the new subscription tiers?

If you want to talk about which tier might be best for you (whether you’re an existing CloverDX customer or a prospective new one), just get in touch with us here and we’ll get right back to you.


Posted on June 08, 2022
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