How To Accelerate Big Data Integrations For FinTechs


What if integrating new data sources took days rather than months?

Unfortunately, this remains a distant dream for some businesses within the FinTech space.

This is because many companies find themselves working with incumbent, legacy or highly controlled third-party systems, resulting in sluggish data integrations that do little to support efficient operations. Things are further complicated when a business ends up working with various providers and has to deal with contractual challenges around SLAs and other agreements.

To help resolve these challenges, let’s explore some modern solutions that’ll accelerate your big data integrations and increase your competitive advantage.

Move to the cloud

Gartner predicts over 75 percent of midsize and large corporations will adopt a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy by 2021. It’s clear the writing is on the wall.

Cloud providers, like AWS and Azure, empower your FinTech business to get the resources you need at a click of the button. This makes it easy to scale up or down your compute and storage, meaning you can get big data integrations done quickly and painlessly, whenever you need to.

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Use enterprise solutions

For start-ups and small businesses, basic tools are a viable option. They’re simplistic, accessible and can help you with straightforward tasks, such as reformatting data. They can make it easy to get started and get results quickly on a budget.

But basic tools that cost $5 a month won’t provide you with a full suite of features. What’s more, they can’t automate data processes or let you perform complex tasks. For this, you’ll need a modern enterprise solution to fill the gap and overcome you data integration challenges.

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Connect your data architecture

As your business adopts new technology and creates more complex systems, you may find yourself struggling to get your technology to actually connect.

This might be a legacy system that doesn’t work with the cloud or can’t connect with other, newer applications. For example, connecting an outdated insurance CRM with another part of your business.

So, what do you in this situation?

Well, with data tools such as CloverDX, you can build a layer between these two platforms that previously couldn’t connect. This opens a door to legacy systems and dramatically accelerates your data integrations.

Modernize your big data integrations

Accelerating big data integrations is a clear route to increasing productivity for your FinTech business. The faster you can integrate data, the faster you can unlock its value.

Moving to the cloud, adopting enterprise data solutions, and bridging systems with tools like CloverDX are modern solutions your FinTech business can use to accelerate big data integrations.

So, if you’d like to learn more about how CloverDX can help your organization improve its data integrations, reach out today. Or, to learn more about how to choose data integration software, download our Buyers Guide To Data Integration Software.

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Posted on August 04, 2020
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