CloverDX OEM Advantage: It's CloverDX As You Like It

Shakespeare didn’t know the first thing about OEM, but he did have a grasp on relationships. That being said, we’re here to put what Will preached back into the data world, channeling his penchant for the complexity of true relationships, with our CloverDX OEM Program.

What is a CloverDX OEM Partnership?

Well, it really is a relationship. When CloverDX aligns with a company, we bring together not just our unique products, but also our tested dev teams, solutions, and ideas. It’s like a marriage—with joys and delights, compromise and adjustment. We’ve been active in OEM Partnerships for a while now and think it’s a great way for CloverDX to flourish in all sorts of challenges.

Today, CloverDX is at the core of many data service platforms as a vital data integration piece. As an OEM to many customers’ larger offerings – be it with IBM’s MDM offer, Good Data’s BI platform, or Mulesoft’s ESB service – CloverDX, with its flexibility, lends itself to match any OEM business strategy. It’s just a matter of deciding which OEM approach works best. CloverDX can work on a “partner basis” (side by side as a toolset), be embedded as a data integration piece, or even be embedded and white labeled.

Let’s take a look at what OEM programs are available for CloverDX today.

Partner Approach

Some companies use CloverDX alongside their offer to provide an integrated commercial package to their end-user clients. These clients can then have access to the CloverDX community through our forum to gain knowledge about the best use practice of CloverDX. Often, companies are replacing just the ETL bit because it is either hand-coded or just too cumbersome.

The data services companies that choose this option tend to need a lower volume of licenses. Another reason might also be to simply add a stronger ETL product to an application or service without the need to fully embed CloverDX. In a sense, the partner approach works like a “power couple” to run compelling applications that provide value to data clients.

Embedded OEM

Many businesses prefer the embedded OEM approach for CloverDX because they only have to manage one offering for their development teams. To embed means that as they make changes and improvements to their application, CloverDX and its team can adapt with a company’s growth in an evolving market. We offer this option in higher volume scenarios on a per unit basis, or even on an enterprise (one time fee) basis as the case allows.

For example, there are literally hundreds of CloverDX users for IBM’s Initiate MDM offer; the company, a partner since 2007, even produced a CloverDX user guide to help their clients learn and use CloverDX more effectively.

Embedded OEM – White Labeling

Lately, we are seeing a trend from customers asking for a white labeled ETL/data integration piece for their service offer. This is part of an interesting strategy where service providers simply want to present their offer with a focus on the application or the power of the company brand. IT and data professionals know that the ETL is there, cranking through and organizing data, but a white label strategy puts the ETL behind the scenes for a complete, branded look: Voila! The service just works, it seems. White labeling has the same licensing strategy as embedded-only OEM approach.


CloverDX CEO David Pavlis explains the approach: “What’s great about CloverDX is that we want to work with you, and you can rely on us. We can adapt alongside your offering or become part of it, fully integrated. What we do know is that, in every case, we can support a lifetime partnership--adapting, improving, and aligning to where our customers and their clients are going.”

To find out more about partnering with CloverDX, just send us a message and we'll get right back to you to discuss your requirements. 


Posted on January 31, 2012
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