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Seamless data pipelines – All in one place

Simplify the tech sprawl with a single platform for all data processes – open environment, customizable and transparent.

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All your data processes in one place

Balancing the need for innovation with keeping tech sprawl under control is difficult. CloverDX helps simplify your architecture by giving you a single platform for design, automation and operation of all your data processes.

  • Design and prototype quickly
  • Seamless process automation
  • Operate and deploy anywhere
  • Integrate with your existing tech stack
  • Full transparency of data flows
  • Connect to any data source, publish data to any target - from legacy systems to cloud locations

Read more about how CloverDX makes data process design, automation, operation and publication easier, faster and more reliable

CloverDX Product Overview

CloverDX visual data workflow

Understand your data flows easily with visual workflows

Easier data governance with full transparency and auditability of your data flows

  • One platform for all your data processes - see everything in one interface, with continuous monitoring, automated logging and error reporting.
  • Visual workflows make it easy to see high-level processes at a glance, as well as being able to drill down into individual transformations for details.
  • 'Building block' visual representations make it easy to explain processes to non-technical stakeholders (no having to wade through pages of code).
  • Standardize processes across the organization through the ability to package and share common business logic.

Deploy wherever you need

You're in control - CloverDX is lightweight, designed to integrate with anything easily and can be deployed almost anywhere.

  • Deploy on-premise:
    • No need for additional investment or other new technology
    • Runs on Linux, Windows or Unix platforms
  • Deploy in cloud:
  • Deploy in app containers such as Tomcat
  • Deploy using our production-ready Docker file

Modern management of data pipelines made easier

At enterprise scale, knowing what's really in your data is hard. Automating data discovery and management processes makes it easier. This webinar shows you how.

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Fits right in with your existing tech stack

CloverDX helps you get to work quickly, without the need to overhaul everything you already use.

  • No huge learning curve: Because CloverDX is Java-based, the team can use languages they're familiar with (Java, Python, etc.) to develop even complex data flows.
  • Connect to anything: Work with any existing data source or target with CloverDX's fully customizable components, or raw code when you need.
  • Cloud, on-prem, or both: Working between on-prem and cloud locations is seamless (unlike with some cloud-native services).
  • Open architecture and formats: No closed systems or proprietary file types that are impossible to modify.
  • Part of your DevOps and DataOps processes: Built in Git Version Control (or use your VC tool of choice) and integration with tools like Jenkins and CircleCI. All outputs from CloverDX Designer are xml files, for easy integration and automation to get jobs to production.

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